In Fields Of Blue Poem by Valerie Dohren

In Fields Of Blue

Rating: 5.0

In fields of blue I long to dwell
And frolic ‘neath the sun -
To mingle with the scented air
With each new day begun

Then yet to float within the mist
That lingers all around -
Be as a wraith, to drift and spin,
Above the rugg'ed ground

No substance to my earthly form
Nor weight to bear me down
As then I yearn to twist and turn
Draped in a silken gown

Be thus my senses unconfined
Within a mortal frame
Untethered from all things that own -
So like a dancing flame

To see and hear, to touch, inspire
The perfume of a rose -
Such fragrance sweet as angel`s breath
Diffusing as it grows

Then with the spirits of the land
My heart would so rejoice -
To ever chant their gentle lay
As in a single voice

So sing, O Shining Ones*, yes sing
Of joy, of hope, of love,
And I, with thee, will render thus
Sweet music from above

In fields of blue I long to dwell
My dreams abiding there -
Forever dancing through all time
With flowers in my hair

* Devas (nature spirits) .

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: Fantasy
Superficially, the fields are of Cornflowers. At a deeper level, in Buddhism the Blue Lotus symbolises the victory of the spirit over the senses.
Stevie Taite 21 November 2012

Oh I want to come and dance with you! You express such a love of nature and its beauty. I can feel the sun and see the haze of warm air. Very enchanting

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Josh Dinkin 21 November 2012

A very Romantic poem, in the literary sense. It reminds me a bit of Emily Dickinson, but without the slant rhyme. A nice, light-hearted romp. Thanks for sharing.

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Prasanna Kumari 21 November 2012

beautiful poem conjuring up all the charm of nature with a good message filled my morning...

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Godfrey Morris 23 November 2012

beautiful poem told ever gracefully.

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Stan Petrovich 24 November 2012

I do indeed love the formality of this poem, like some antique native landscape. You are dressed to the gills, as is your language here. I have been down lately & reading good poetry suffices to keep me alive. Thank you so very much.

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Mary Forrester 13 January 2013

Such a joy to read Valerie

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Sally Plumb Plumb 14 December 2012

Perfect, as always.

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Kanav Justa 12 December 2012

what a rhythm plus the rhyming, , , , , me a fan now, , , , , , , keep writing, , ,

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Smoky Hoss 06 December 2012

Oh to write with such words of beauty! I bend at knee, and remove my old hat in your honor, for truly you are a real and pure poet. I can find no other words nearly good enough...

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Owain Glyn 02 December 2012

You never know...............I liked it a lot.

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