In My Mind Poem by Valerie Dohren

In My Mind

Rating: 5.0

In my mind
I trace your smile with my fingers
trying to imprint
the contours of your lips
on my memory.

In my mind
I listen for the sound of your voice
whispering to me
through the silence

and in my mind
I seek your silhouette
see it drifting like a phantom
in the darkness
recapturing you.

and yet -

there are only shadows

gentle shadows
imprinted on my memory …

in my mind.

Tirupathi Chandrupatla 12 December 2013

Feelings in the poem are deeper than I can imagine particularly when memories are becoming shadows. Nice poem.

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Om Chawla 13 December 2013

Intensely emotional. Excellent.

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Lyn Paul 13 December 2013

These words have been displayed so beautifully. A..maz, , , ing Thank you. Saved forever

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Dave Walker 13 December 2013

A wonderful poem, the memories are there forever. Sometimes strong sometimes in shadows.

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Paul Brookes 14 December 2013

Great emotions well virtualised 10/10 BB: O)

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Amitava Sur 11 January 2014

A lovely detailing of the loved one whose memory can never be erased. True love never dies, it remains alive in the memories......... very nicely penned. You may read my poem To meet my love

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Shahzia Batool 02 January 2014

artistic poem, a feast to senses in the attempt of recapturing the lost one, but not really lost! ! !

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Patricia Grantham 02 January 2014

Sweet memories of a loved one are never lost. They are always engraved in our hearts, mind and soul. Capturing them from time to time brings us sweet joy intermingled with a touch of sadness. But still we are sustained. Beautifully written. I have a poem titled A Beautiful Flower that will continue to lift your spirits. Happy New Year.

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Hans Vr 01 January 2014

The gentle shadows live on in us, through us. We can not grasp them, we cannot hold them, we are not sure they are real but deep inside we know they are as real as the light of the sun, the sound of the wind, the taste of love. Somehow, love never dies and here you manage to eternalise it through this superb poetry. Beautiful, touching, moving the soul of the reader, moving the world a bit forward.

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Marvin Brato 24 December 2013

Beautiful sentiments of love being missed!

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