~ Infinite ~ ‘i Am’! ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Infinite ~ ‘i Am’! ~

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~ Infinite ~ ‘I Am’! ~
Ms. Nivedita
June 28,2010.

Delving voyage deep
Inside and deepest Inside
Unfold unwind discover
Beginningless ~ Endless
Matchless ~ Secondless
Becharming me!

Rhapsodically resign
In halcyon inside of
Infinite ~ 'I Am’!

Connotation of Am
Am ~ God said unto Moses, I am that am.' ~ Exod. iii.14.

My thanks to Hon’ble Sr. Poet Joseph Poewhit for his guidance to change the title ‘The Am’ as ‘I Am’ ~ niv
Copyright reserved by author.

Juan Olivarez 16 July 2010

good poetry tell them' I am has sent me' good write.

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Saugata Majumder 16 July 2010

Ashadharon (means: Excellent) Less word, speaks endless.. 10/10

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Arunesh Goswami 16 July 2010

Delving deep into infinity with uprising bliss; beautiful poetry. Thanks for sharing.

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Ken E Hall 20 July 2010

The burning inside is the axis of your being..you know you are and the infinate is God inside..for ever...deep write regards

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Sally Plumb Plumb 27 July 2010

What can i say? You definately are.

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Dave Walker 25 April 2012

A truly amazing poem, a new style of poetry to me, really like it.

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Rosalinda Martinez 15 November 2010

Your poem is focused on profound ideas. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!

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Kevin Carney 08 October 2010

Philosophy in poetry at its finest. Delightful and thought provoking. I really am amazed you range of writes. Fascinating and captivating.

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Chris Jibero 04 August 2010

The poem is apt and pointed.Keep it up.

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Vinod Kumar 02 August 2010

Good philosophy Lord Krishna also says before decades, Nice and appreciated theme, thanks,10++

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