! ! ! Ink Pen Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! ! Ink Pen

Rating: 3.2

Rema Prasanna

Ink Pens are almost vanished
on a slender line up
however I got one,
an elegant produce of a distinct range
a precious one father gave me
as a gift, years ago
much before his departure
from a world he loved to live
his life, an art arcade of
diverse relic remnants
a choice brain worked on
art of all forms
in a way, I am fortunate to receive
the most sought after
a fountain pen in blue and gold blend
along with pen, a bottle of
chelpark blue black ink, a choice of mine,
from a father who loved words and his daughter.
in a place of refilled genre
and trend of stimulus brands
a place for ink pen I find
to dip in ink and write till I subsist

~ Jon London ~ 01 June 2008

This is beautiful Rema, it truly is a remarkable piece of loveliness shared between two...tops marks *10* best wishes Jon

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David Desantis 30 May 2008

that's extremely touching...a relic that means more than any normal pen could...great tribute Rema 10/10

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Kesav Easwaran 30 May 2008

to 'a father who loved words and his daughter', you as a daughter are now paying splendid tributes through your gold blended pen and blue black poems...as a father i am able to sense the feelings hidden in between the lines, rema! *10*

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premji premji 30 May 2008

I wish if everyboby on earth used ink pens... then half of the world's plastic garbage would have been away!

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Rani Turton 28 May 2008

Writing in ink remains an act of utmost elegance, and the Chelpark blue-black ink brought back souvenirs of utmost poignance. The poem with it's notion of transmission is also very moving.

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Chitra - 23 July 2008

a very touching poem, like it alot

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Bill Thomas 19 July 2008

There's something so special, so sensuous almost, about writing with a proper ink pen. Long may it gove you that special pleasure, the frisson of giving birth to letters that dry on the page as you produce them....

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Kyle Shield Laster 01 July 2008

a very touching piece. i hope you'll always keep that pen. great write.

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anurag duggal 08 June 2008

I think u really love ink pens like me

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rohit sapra 08 June 2008

The more this poem is praised the lesser it will be since the sentiments attached with this valuable poetic verse are priceless and lasting it has become as you have placed it in words which are never ending in their presence.

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