! ! ! ! Red Flags Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! ! ! Red Flags

Rating: 2.9

by Rema Prasanna

Burnt up sun and communists
painted capital of Kerala red
In Padmanabhapuram, a God
rests on Adisesha, a serpent
with thousand heads in one
spatial ocean of manifestations
In one conscious attempt
god and communists
stood apart as contrasts
Primarily atheists at divergent pedestals
worshiped Marx and Lenin;
comrades, dissents in a distinct world
of red union and communism,
Empty reservoirs, idolized suppositions
entwined on a complex frame up

A glitch from cavern of capitalism
caused fall of Berlin Wall and
united German debacle a cause
of worry and collapse of
Soviet Union a final nail
on anxieties of comrades
who raucously retort on all
historic events of their inapt destiny
In their structured belief, a definite Russian
ripped iron curtain of Berlin for a price
and stumbled the union
transcending Great Wall, a reliable
influence and confluence
of their undying fortitude
Above all...
monopolized capitalism
seized and confined globe..
Prudent comrades of proletariats
their burnt up dreams and vibrant flags
painted capital of Kerala red

*Pls read along valuable inputs Kesav contributed to the poem on Kerala, Padmanabhapuram Temple and Adi Sesha.
Thank you, Kesav, for your precious annotations.

Kesav Easwaran 02 June 2008

More than commenting on the poem I want to add some explanatory notes to help readers familiarize the context. Kerala is the southern most State of India Union. It was here for the first time in the history of modern world, the Communists came to power through ballot in 1957. Padmanabhapuram- Trivandrum now- is the capital city of Kerala State. Adhi Sesha is the concept of God Head that explains His Power That Remained Infinite Even after Creation. Adhi- In the beginning Sesha- The One That Remained Eternal The scientific notion ‘infinity minus infinity is infinity’ is derived from this concept. What created is infinite…What was created is infinite…What remained is infinite. Eternal Milky Ocean- The concept- poetic imagery implied- is His Unabated Ocean of Semen- the energy responsible for creation. The rise and fall of communism in the global scene is well dealt in the context of Kerala State’s politics in the poem…a ten for a good attempt

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Seema Chowdhury 07 June 2008

Rema its a very nice poem, though i didn't know much about communisim but mr. Kesav's explanation helped me to understand it. thanks for sharing.

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David Desantis 06 June 2008

unfortunately communism is a failed ideology because it doesn't account for the imperfections of human nature and scarcity. Capitalism on the other hand revels in human nature and 'survival of the fittest'. Both can be dangerous if unchecked...excellent poem 10/10

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~ Jon London ~ 05 June 2008

Very well composed piece, your insight on this political write...is very interesting and educative.....nicely penned Rema...thanks for sharing your wonderful expression. All the very best Jon

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Satheesan Rangorath 04 June 2008

HI Rema Prasanna A good poem with valuable explanation notes from Easwaran sir. I wish if there is a real communist living in this world Like the son of Maxim Gorkey's 'Mother' Red flag is very beautiful with a colourful pen sketch. Greetings Satheesan rangorath

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Abha Sharma 02 June 2008

Since my school days I learned communism through two states Kerela and west Bengal [ other than Russia and China], during elections, party forming etc..this red spoke to my understanding with the state... next when I read beautiful stories translated from Malyalam Lit, I knew about the coastal culture and life, the tourism also highlighted its natural charm.... also the brief note by Keshav sir about Adhi Sesha…all very enriching … Your lines are interesting and gives a new picture of politics, Well composed, the mind [which seeks peace], boggled with politics is reflected here… Abha

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