Interesting Insects 1 - The Black Spotted Red May Beetle Poem by Geeta Radhakrishna Menon

Interesting Insects 1 - The Black Spotted Red May Beetle

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Tiny lovable beings,
They have survived,
The onslaughts of nature,
They are here on earth thriving for
Two hundred seventy million years.
This verily is a wonder for me!

Beetle - the largest group of living organisms,
Basically, found in every corner of the world,
Better behaved creatures than the bumble bees,
Booming three million beetle species, sprawled
Broadly inhabiting both terrestrial, freshwater aquatic habitats,
Big forests to small grasslands, deserts, mountains, beaches, even tundras!

I have seen Red May Beetles in Kerala
It was fun playing with them as a kid,
In the tree gardens and terrace gardens,
In the leaves, twigs and barks, moving gently,
Intelligent bug that knows its direction and goal,
Imminent sign of a good luck forecast!

One of every four of
Our ecological niche on this planet is
Occupied by this beetle species, known as
‘Our most beloved bug'!
Only on very rare occasions
One or few of them, becomes a nasty pest!

After a long while, yesterday, I saw
Artistic black doted red beetles,
Attractive beings, like little red buttons!
Aerobatic skills flying in the air with
Agile hardened forewings covering the soft abdomen,
An armour to protect the delicate flight wings!

I was delighted to see these tiny insects
It took me back into my childhood years,
Those innocent period of carefree life,
Those adventurous days of fun and frolic,
When little insects like Red May Beetle,
Whistled a song of joyful melody

Interesting Insects 1 - The Black Spotted Red May Beetle
Kelly Kurt 28 May 2018

I too am fascinated by and brought joy from all forms of life. A wonderful piece of prose.

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Kelly, happy that you too are fascinated by all forms of life whether tiny or big. Thank you for your kind comment.

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I reallyappreciate your interest in the small species of beetles, especially the black spotted red beetle, they are beasutiful and deserve our kindness for existence

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Kumarmani Mahakul 08 June 2018

Dear madam, I am too glad that you are now going through about insects and this poem ' Interesting Insects 1 - The Black Spotted Red May Beetle ' is the beginning. Readers can know that insects are here on earth thriving for two hundred seventy million years. You have so nicely painted the unity and and helpfulness of Black Spotted Red May Beetle which is a lesson to human. I shall read your other insects poems. Thanks for sharing.

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Jayalakshmi Bhaskar 07 June 2018

amazing chechi! This poem clearly shows how your heart reaches even to the tiniest creature of this nature. Only very few people are born with such insights.

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Thank you Jayalaksmi for your amazing comment.You are very kind and generous.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 30 May 2018

Tiny lovable beings they have survived the onslaughts of nature they are here on earth thriving for two hundred seventy million years! Yes, the tiny lovable creatures have a wonderful survival where giant animals like dinosaurs could not be survived! Your love for insects is profoundly reflected in this beautiful poem! (10)

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Dillip ji, thank you for your kind comment. I love nature and all manifestations of nature whether a flower, tree, bird or even an insect because they all are creations of God and deserve equal love and care.

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Robert Murray Smith 28 May 2018

A wonderful poem. Anyone who is sensitive to insects has my heart.+++10

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Robert, thanks a lot for your wonderful heart.. Stay blessed.

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