Just... Cry Poem by Lyn Paul

Just... Cry

Rating: 4.9

Cry tonight
Like there has been no rain
Cry tonight
To release the pain
Aching, suffering. What for, Why?
Pain not chosen. You need to cry
Cry, Why
Because you have to heal
Cry, release
These things that are real

There is a way to grow with your pain
Moving forward, removes the stain
Talking, hoping is the simple way
Still crying yet yearning for a new day
Living, breathing, feeling more
So much more, more to explore
So cry tonight Shed those tears
Each teardrop released will move the fear

The fear of loss, the fear of now
Cry tonight you will see How

How releasing your pain will change you..

Find yourself, Find who you are
There is a new day you can go far
Cry tonight
Let it out
Believe in yourself
Forget self doubt

Just Cry

Copyright Reserved May 2014
Lyn Paul

Thursday, May 29, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: anxiety,believe,cry,hope,sadness
Hazel Durham 01 June 2014

To cry is to release our emotions to replenish and heal, a superb write that goes so deep into our individual psyche!

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Amitava Sur 31 May 2014

Very well said Lyn. Possibly that only can remove the heavy stone, laden on my heart with sorrows. But sorry I cannot cry though I try, but I liked your prescription

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Thoughtful and therapeutic my friend!

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Mark Dillon 17 July 2014

Such a warm soul, lovely sentiment Lyn

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Amitava Sur 27 June 2014

It's a beautiful write Lyn, I loved it the way you wrote with such an easy flow, I think one of your best writes. Very, very nice.... love you Lyn.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 June 2020

A powerful and insightful write imbued with a great message. Liked how the Poetess crafted this poem. It fuels the mind to ponder about the good side of crying. The closure lines are very uplifting. Onto my Poem List.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 25 June 2020

Our pains and sufferings must be released. We can release them through crying otherwise they will lurk inside our heart and mind and in due time they will make us bitter and consequently consume us leading to darkness.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 07 January 2018

There is no rain but crying brings rain in life. Crying expresses emotion from deepest core of perception. The fear of loss makes a person cry. Crying releases pain or sorrow. An amazing poem is very neatly and brilliantly penned...10

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Valsa George 07 January 2015

Tears have cathartic effect..... Crying is a great way of releasing our pent up emotions of pain, fear and anxiety! After a rain just as the leaves are washed clean, our mind gets clearer when flushed out with tears! An enjoyable poem with psychological bearings!

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Dinesan Madathil 19 July 2014

They say, Crying is ornamental to kids and women perhaps but a shame upon grown up men. But when we cry we lose drop our pretensions and arrogance and become sober otherwise.. I am waiting to cry for a while.

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