Just Friends-Sonnet Poem by Joseph Anderson

Just Friends-Sonnet

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As I stroll through my halls of memories,
Surveying all twas good and all twas strife,
It seems some inner wisdom in me sees
The joys, the blessings friends gave to my life.

When dark days loom a friend may ease your plight,
Shed light upon your heavy laden heart,
Lend peace and comfort in your daily fight;
These are the things true friendship can impart.

To face life's problems one most surely must
Hold fast to friends acquired along the way;
Instill in them a sense of sharing trust.
Perhaps, their help brings yet a better day.

Care for the friends along the way, you sought-
True friendship is a given, never bought.

What is better then a true friend
Valerie Dohren 26 November 2012

An excellent sonnet Joseph, it is indeed a blessing to have true friendship. Very well penned.

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Hans Vr 28 November 2012

I like the poem from beginning to end. It starts with a walk through memory hall and that is one of the most amazing things we as humans have and can do, isn't it. And there in that vast hall of memories you find the friends that have made a difference in your life and were helping you in the most difficult moments. And then that wonderful ending, so true that we cannot buy friendship, if money becomes an important factor freindship tends to be gone. Excellent poem, Joseph and I like in all of your poems very much the natural sounding rhymes.

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Ruby Honeytip 29 November 2012

When I count my blessings, I always count my friends twice: -) This poem is beautiful!

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Jaya Mishra 30 November 2012

Just friends..... So true....... I would just say that this piece was as beautiful as a true friend is..... What could ne more beautiful than that in this world? ? What a work! ! ! Salute you.....

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Valsa George 01 December 2012

So very true and so beautifully put! Couldn't respond earlier being away! True friends enhance our joy and lessen our grief! !

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John Brown 05 January 2013

Very well said Joseph. I couldn't agree more. Semi-literate or not, you have am easy way with words.

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Smoky Hoss 22 December 2012

What wonderful, and perfectly beautiful words Joseph. These are the kinds of words we need to here in these times. Tremendous.

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 13 December 2012

True friends, they should be called eternal diamonds. it's a masterpiece. well done Mr. Anderson.

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Dee Corpolongo 09 December 2012

This is an excellent and oh so true description of the value of true friendship.I love this poem. You have brought out one of the most important gifts in ones life, and have clearly shown it's true value and one can only say thank you for this. Bravo! .

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Heather Wilson 08 December 2012

A true friend is worth far above gold, so very well written in this poem Sir.

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