Kill Bri / Do Not Kill Bri …. [end-Of-Life Decisions; Personal; Old Age; Medium Length; Serious! ] Poem by Bri Edwards

Kill Bri / Do Not Kill Bri …. [end-Of-Life Decisions; Personal; Old Age; Medium Length; Serious! ]

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Part One: Kill Bri

I’ve suffered the indignity …. to be born [unasked],
a naked, almost helpless, babe ……, you can be sure.
Now I’d just as soon be dead …. after 67 years of tasks,
but PLEASE don’t think I’m depressed and only need a “cure”!

Unfortunately I’m conflicted, or I’d do the job NOW, myself.
[I’m afflicted with good health, but not what I call wealth.]
I’ve entangled my life with others ….., who might look askance …
if I hung or starved myself [to death], not giving “life” a second chance.

[A look “askance” is nothing I’d ever really worry about,
BUT I might leave a few people “in the lurch”. Some MIGHT even pout! ]

I don’t wish to ‘tempt fate’ for TOO long. Know what I mean?
Before body or mind falls apart, I’d wish to leave life’s scene.
Surely my departure would leave for others more food and space.
I‘ve no desire to try (with “old age”) to keep up …..the pace.

Part Two: Don’t Kill Bri

What a “baby” I was when I was born!
Was I more special than those before me?
I’ve led a charmed life, one I shall not scorn.
Then why should I [from life] yearn …… to be free?

I’ve got good health, good food; I get my sleep.
Plenty of others [before me] should be killed.
Why, “handicapped, poor, and demented”, keep ….
Along with ‘troublemakers’, I‘d kill them ALL ….
......if I weren’t weak-willed!

OK! I’ve had a bit of fun with this,
but I hope my poem you’ll not dismiss.
Old age and “infirmity” can be a bitch …….
[NOT that “young-and-firm” lives never have a hitch! ]

Part Three: The Ending

If you’re still with me, please hear me out.
Not even I liked when “poor and handicapped” I wrote about!
I still think “demented” should be helped to die,
but “poor and handicapped” ……….

[We interrupt this forthright “poem” just to say:
“The Readers aren’t amused! They’ve dragged Bri away! !
Many have shouted 'he's blasphemous';
the medical corporations say ‘he’ll take money from us! ’.
Some say ‘we must keep Granny alive at all costs …..
even though her husband, friends, and mind she’s lost’.

“ ‘Keep their hearts ticking! Do transplants! Don’t pull the plug! !
This Bri’s a human menace. He’s a VERY slimy slug! ! ! ’

“So now, whatever YOUR view, this poem is finally over.
AND Bri got his “death wish”; he’s NOW “pushing up the clover.”]

(July 9-12, 2015)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death
this has been a theme in my brain for over 15 years! on my chest, near my left nipple, i have a tattoo (ouchy!) which reads 'NO CPR... donate body to med school'.

any comments? ? ? feel free to blast me..........or not. think about making YOUR end-of-life choices known to family members, friends, and medical personnel. think of filling out forms to let legal and medical workers see that you've signed to choose to have OR not have certain lifesaving/life-prolonging treatments. do it while you are in your 'right mind'. think of appointing someone you trust, to be your proxy in dealing with medical decisions if you are someday unable to. see that your doctor(s) have copies of forms spelling out your wishes. or not!

have a nice rest-of-your-life. bri :)
Kelly Kurt 14 July 2015

I am with you 100%, Bri. I have no intention of dying by any terms but my own. I was reminded of a line from a Monty Python skit: It's nothing that a painful and expensive treatment can't prolong.

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Roseann Shawiak 30 July 2015

Enjoyed your little tirade, Bri! You make me smile! Cannot agree with you though, since I have died, been brought back and my life is more vibrant and fuller than ever before. There are no fears, doubts, worries troubling me now, they all disappeared when I died. It's really amazing how much freer I feel now in life. Anyway writing out what you want when you die, all becomes null and void once you die, no one has to acknowledge your wishes they can say resuscitate and the doctors must comply. Are you sure your loved ones will do as you ask? ? ? ? Grief and death change people's minds quite fast. There was no living will in place for me, I left it entirely up to God and am so happy I did. Agree or not, it was a life-changing experience, very vivid. Totally did enjoy your every word, Bri! Love your style very much. RoseAnn

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Beach Girl 21 July 2015

Life is a precious gift. Make the best of it that you possibly and hold on to it as long as possible 67 is no old Bri! 60 is the new 40 don't you know!

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 19 July 2015

My father was a postmaster and mentally disturbed with negativity and he committed suicide by hanging himself to the fan but what's going on, in your mind?

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Douglas Scotney 14 July 2015

amongst your list, Bri, put erratic inverted commas' users. also for your next month's poems put my 'Chuzzlewit X: To Laugh Again'. I hope to get a few suggestions.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 14 July 2015

Good promotion for good cause! Why, “handicapped, poor, and demented”, keep …. [alive]? Along with ‘troublemakers’, I‘d kill them ALL …. ......if I weren’t weak-willed! Taken for fun as you have mentioned, Good try! !

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