Killing Myself Poem by Amitava Sur

Killing Myself

Rating: 4.8

When the earth is sinking everyday
With brutality and murders all over,
I can see the Mother Earth
With tears in her eyes.
Underneath the black clouds in a gloomy sky-
I can hear the sad tune as Orpheous plays.

In this darkest world today,
I see rows of pyres by the river side,
They are burning with their fearsome flames -
Bellowing gust of smokes and ashes.
The sky is casted with thick dark cloud
With tons of human blood and fleshes.

Under this thickened cloud with ashes of flesh
I can listen the utter cry of many more lives.
They’re crying loud with their hands stretched out
For a help to live and rest.
The girls are crying with a shiver in spine
How they will save themselves.

This is the world I'm living today
Where bloody hands are very safe,
Nakedly opened their teeth and nails
And openly hunting the innocents.
They are hidden inside the golden gloves-
Suppressing and oppressing at large.

I as a man who can do nothing here,
Is drowned in sorrows and pains.
Helplessly pulling my hairs -
And feeling killing myself.

Saturday, February 1, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: pain
Amitava (31.01.3014)
Muhammad Ali 02 February 2014

the darkest world. yes. and yes there should be some hope. let us seek something helpful. what if the way of hope is passing through our hearts...

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Geetha Jayakumar 02 February 2014

Beautiful flow of words... I as a man who can do nothing here, Feeling like killing myself. Very true said, at a times we feel helpless when we see sufferings. Fantastic poem.

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Kanav Justa 02 February 2014

, , so true, , , the world today has changed, , , , nice write, ,

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Mac Adrone Adonay 07 February 2014

constant thing is change.. the bright world is dimming now.. nice write.

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Khairul Ahsan 29 July 2018

The violence and destruction taking place in different regions of the world now are the machinations of the wrong people ruling the world whom we elect and they do these sins in the name of democracy. In the backdrop of the dismal picture drawn in the poem, I am moved, inspired and encouraged by the comments of poet Lorraine Colon and Lyn Paul, to do good things and be kind to people even in a very small way. Thanks to the poets for their comments and to you, for the poem.

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Roseann Shawiak 24 March 2014

Do not fall to the violence on earth, killing yourself would kill me, it would take away my hope in finding good in this world. You are one of the few who make a difference with your thoughts in poetry, you bring illumination to a world in darkness. Please continue to shine your light so others may follow your example, and together find the answers to cure this menace of violence. You have not yet realized what a good force you are in this world. The difference you have made in my life, will be recognized by others, do not give up, Amitava, you are a reflection of the good in life.

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Lyn Paul 15 February 2014

What we must believe is that this violence will end. It is just greed and it can stop. We just have to find a way and we must believe. Your loss is a huge hole in many hearts so keep on keeping on as Lento would say/ Thank you

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Amitava Sur 13 February 2014

Thank you Lorraine and thank you all for sharing your views with your valued comments.

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Lorraine Colon 13 February 2014

The world you are experiencing today is the same world that has been in existence for hundreds of years. People don't change - they are cruel to each other. This is painful to those of us who know it is wrong. All we can do is be kind to whomever we meet and offer what help we can - no matter how small or insignificant - even if it is only a smile. Killing yourself would just be depriving the world of a good person - and there are too few of them already.

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Khairul Ahsan 29 July 2018

I am moved by your wonderful comment, Lora.

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