Literary Takeout Poem by Alexander Julian

Literary Takeout

Just because you speak English, doesn't mean you understand English.
Polite behavior from ignorance is so, so arrogant.
How do you know what truth is to relate for matters?
For the most part, humans just have normal jobs with normal work.
Never apply for impossible jobs.
Most humans are not astronauts.
Most humans are not celebrities.
Most humans are not popular singers.
Most humans are not famous examples.
Most humans are not professional basketball athletes.
Most humans are not bestselling writers.
Logic isn't a crazy process with style.
Do not wear offensive clothes or somebody will "take care" of you.
Bookish readers are gaping.
Good sense has been through changes.
The nightlife of Christmas should be holy.
If a lady is getting bitter, put some glue on her hair and add sugar.
She won't mind.
Study is only reading pleasure when class is good laugh of trivia.
Every takeout is still inside.
Without a printer, my poem is not a paperback or even paperwork.
Can you please print my poem for me?
I will give you a literary kiss from this text.
Solicitors are doorbelling.
Impatience is not evidence.
Freedom is the opposite of a conservative's tight security with guns.
Santa Claus has a frosty magic spell to shrink himself into a fireplace.
You're under no obligation for a rumor.
Every other horse makes a ranchlanding.
The mean guy represents familiar sights of disaster.
Internet shopping is too "storewide" for maintenance.
Do not get "discounts" and just acquire the proper modesty of life.
A soda company must cut the liquids off for the right drink.
God paints Earth with twists of evolution.
The best of fashion can involve a "stunning" custom.
Sounds like it hurts to me.
It's the sailing candle.
Life is reality, not colors.
Give the jerks a prohibiting mirror for self-betrayal; they deserve it.
A crazy kiss is kind of dead to me.
Rumor goes under the jail of excessive mystery.
The occupancy is public reflection upon visit with shares.
A feeling is not gold metal.
If you don't read beyond homework, you will make a mistake.
Have you noticed that America's 80's music is mostly English language?
I consider that to be racism.
What about 80's songs with Spanish, French, German, Italian and more?
There was Jazz in the 80's, you rocking morons!
Poetry may be infectious.
Let Drive-Thru tabulate a functioning menu.
Graduality can damage result.
A boardroom is not a room with a board.
Who is popping a shirt?
Laziness is a prattling comfort zone.
The angel has a rounding fire of safety.
The demon has gross overextension of fire.
When language is castoff, grammar becomes a scramble of vocal ruins.
Laziness is a retiring comfort the homeless never afford.
The Communist Manifesto is not a deep window of text and ends too quickly.
Prejudice is a mental hardness of division between permanence and change.
A cupboard is not a board with cups on it.
God creates new milk for improving a belief with changes of light.
A mollycoddle is necessary for gentle opposition.
Bandboxes still exist today.
Health is educational cultivation, not fashion with attractive bogus.
More plants are haying.
Normal people have a fun weekend; arrogant people have a "hard" weekend.
The act of huckleberrying is impossible for most of California.
Global warming is harmful to every spice of romance.
I don't like excessive laughter from young people at a restaurant.
Their laughter suggests a foul temper with possible anger rising.
Keep in mind that my philosophy is not a crowd favorite.
A poet must itemize words for grammar or the context will fail.
The military may be noble, but they're not royal.
Awareness by fashionistas is obvious and requires no skill to wonder about.
A healthy diet is not just any form of weight reduction with starvation and junk.
Confusion is a rattling temptation for struggles with truth.
Politics and authority is not the same as a child's family with false detectives.
Knights are slopping upon broken freedoms.
Heaven is not a gambling wager of man.
Opinion is a hurtful gallop.
When a business is always easygoing, they go out of business.
Old video games, at times, were singsong and almost wordless.
Very few video games are not harmless amusements.
Bad words do not need dusting and should be put away.
Potboilers are dangerous.
"Shakespeare" is not a singular name; so many people have this name.
A name for random people means nothing between random people.

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy,thought,thoughtless,fashion,nature,politics,political humor,satire,comedy,love,woman,women,sugar,romance,spanish,music,songs
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