Little Poem Lost Poem by Susan Lacovara

Little Poem Lost

Rating: 4.7

In a careless click, of keyboard, delete
My purposeful write, captured ever sweet
Escapes into outer space, cyberspace, gone
Floats into the atmosphere of the unheard song

(02/10/14) set free, somewhere, out in the sheer mistake of failure to save....maybe an angel has caught it within their children...given roots to grow, wings fly...goodbye.
Sawan Dhyani 10 February 2014

I found this funny, I like funny things.

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Anthony Burkett 10 February 2014

Funny is how poetry strikes the inner cord of each reader often in a different key... these lines brought to me a sense of tragedy... not unlike a still born birth

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Bing Hua 18 February 2014

It is so cute. I love this one.

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Maria C. Pires Costa 18 February 2014

Oh... in a few lines you've crafted something worth reflecting upon. Your thread will be touching many peers, Im sure. We'll keep relishing your heartfelt lines. All the best! Maria

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 15 February 2014

I feel for you Susan. First the inspiration. Then the perspiration. Finally the consumation. Review the masterpiece. Even little poems are our babies. Then we press the wrong key and all is spirited away by some jealous cyber God. BUT.... There is hope, as I found after many years. Immediately after the mistake, press Ctrl and Z simultaneously and all errors are undone :) But then, if you'd done that we would never have had this delightful little conversation. lol

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Poetheart Morgan 14 February 2014

As Allan i passed through by that situation too... It was my first novel.... was a handwritten.. long time ago...Its ok as you said maybe an angel is not? ? ?

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Sekharan Pookkat 11 February 2014

floating through the atmosphere There may be green valleys Carefully knitted and displayed To attract new poems' broad canvas

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