Lonesome Honeymoon Poem by Kim Barney

Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit

Lonesome Honeymoon

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They met upon a starry night
and quickly fell in love.
Their future seemed so very bright
beneath those stars above.

But with the wedding drawing near,
her passion she forgot,
and to the bridegroom she made clear
she wouldn't tie the knot.

He sailed that morning with the sun;
you'd think he should have known:
The honeymoon's not very fun
when you are all alone.

Based on a true story. A former student of mine, who became a principal at a junior high school, was engaged to be married. He had booked an ocean cruise and a trip to Disney World in Florida for the honeymoon. THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING, the young lady told him that she had changed her mind and would not be marrying him after all. It was too late to cancel all the reservations, so he went on his honeymoon by himself. Written 17 May 2022

A well crafted and executed poem with great rhyme and imagery. Sad yet very entertaining.

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Kim Barney 18 May 2022

Thank you so much, Rose Marie.

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Nosheen Irfan 31 July 2022

Sad but that's life! Beautifully narrated. And since it's based on a true incident, it's a real eye-opening read. Reveals a lot about the unpredictability of life and human behaviour.

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Rebecca Navarre 14 June 2022

Ohh, A poem on the heartaches of love! .. Quite heart moving! .. And so well expressed and written! .. Definite 5 Stars! ..+++++++

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Bri Edwards 02 June 2022

(cont. I also had given no gift, so I was not one whose gift was never opened nor returned by the backed-out-bride. I believe gifts are still around 15-20+ years later.

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Kim Barney 02 June 2022

Thanks for your comments, Bri. Hmmmmmn... I may still have a gift or two from MY wedding (more than 55 years ago) that were opened but never used.

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Bri Edwards 02 June 2022

My brother's wife's daughter backed out of wedding, but the reception had been paid for (this is all hearsay) so it went on, not quite as planned. I was not invited. : (

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Kim Barney 12 June 2022

Too bad you were not invited, Bri. You probably would have got some ice cream at the reception!

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Smoky Hoss 26 May 2022

Amazing... the wild pitches that life throws at us, can sometimes still be hit out of the park, as the saying goes; I hope now he is doing well.

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Kim Barney 27 May 2022

Thanks for the comment, Smoky. I have lost touch with him, and don't know if he ever got married or not.

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Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit
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