Lost Dream Poem by Kranthi Pothineni

Lost Dream

Rating: 5.0

Its a beautiful dream
Like a crimson sun
On a milky blue sky
Birds flying to home
And myself in Rome

Its a beautiful dream
Like silver cloud line
To mounted dark cloud
Light kissing the head
And myself on rose bed

Its a beautiful dream
Like shining dew drop
On a lush green grass
Bright day smiling
And myself flying

Its a beautiful dream
Like a new born cub
In hands of young love
Tears flowing in joy
And myself with toys

Its a beautiful dream
Like a painless sleep
On a dry soft pillow
Night not slept slow
And myself out of flow

Its a beautiful dream
Like full moon night
On a artful dark sky
Dogs stopped scream
And myself out of dream

Ted M 24 August 2009

You captured the dreams in quite a pleasant flow of Poetry. Nice to read.......

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Catrina Heart 24 August 2009

Now you have penned a sweet flowing words and very nice to read aloud...............loved it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Marieta Maglas 25 August 2009

The similes that are used for the descriptions of the lost dream are wonderful, the rhymes are very well chosen and the message of the poem is very well revealed....10++++

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Louis Rams 26 August 2009

instead of lost dream, it should have been called 'beautiful dream'. because it is beautiful another ten

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Sarwar Chowdhury 25 August 2009

fine poetic description! beautiful imageries! 10+

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Shashendra Amalshan 25 August 2009

I am very sure and sincerely wish with all my heart that your dreams will come in to reality. Every one dreams, and we always get feeling that. oh gosh I am just dreaming, it is never gona come true... but if you work towards them, you might be able to turn those dreams to real.. this is very good writing, nice composition...10 best wishes and warm regards shan

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Surya . 25 August 2009

a very nice poem, beautiful in composition.nice flow and finish too.thanx for sharing. voted10 surya

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Joseph Poewhit 25 August 2009

Them lost dreams are like clouds floating in the sky.

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