Break Free Poem by Kranthi Pothineni

Break Free

Rating: 5.0

I saw one bird like me
Living on a dead tree
Waiting for long to see
Pouring shower of glee
On its lonely broken lee

It doesn’t have a he
Nor even a she
Or a hands of three
To hear its silent plea
For making gloom flee

Nights it rains like sea
Days it sings like bee
Whatever case it may be
It shares honey of key
To make all feel happy

It felled on its knee
Prayed in deep agree
Said I will be emcee
Will perform a jubilee
For it I’m breaking free

I smiled and said, its we

Marieta Maglas 09 July 2009

The tree is the body and the bird is the soul.Only by praying we can be free...nice idea, wonderful poem..10+++ from me

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Ch J Satyananda Kumar 09 July 2009

A wonderful poem with nice rhyme and rhythm. Kudos.

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Joseph Poewhit 09 July 2009

Breaking out of the eggshell

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Catrina Heart 09 July 2009

A perfect ending rhymes here like before. Fine simile you made you as a bird breaking free! What a lovely melancholic write.10+++

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Louis Rams 09 July 2009

like a free spirit in flight. excellent write. a ten

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Indira Renganathan 31 January 2010

I smiled and said, its we.....everyone else along with you....nice thought well penned

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Walterrean Salley 24 December 2009

There's nothing like freedom

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Dev Poet 09 November 2009

I like your style of writing

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Antonio Liao 23 July 2009

cheer as the poem push my heart to reach the echelon of the highest point of desire.....a wish come in a simple template and sound of the soul shout for joy...a lovely poem of today...a 10 +

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premji premji 20 July 2009

freedom.......what a precious and painful word...........

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