Die To Live Poem by Kranthi Pothineni

Die To Live

Rating: 4.9

My identity is questioned
My existence is questioned
Questioned to erase me
From this globe forever
By my own creators

My heart beat increased
I am really frightened
Felt lump in throat
I hadn't noticed tears
I looked for a hug

A hug for support
To back my identity
To back my existence
But I have no one
To support with hug

So I'm backing myself
In my well of loneliness
For my own existence
And my perishing image
In hands of a tyrant

I may lose my image
And existence forever
Whatever may happen
I will fight the tyrant
And will die with honor

So at least my name remains

Janell Cressman 23 March 2009

wow! ! ! ! ! Keep fighting, and never quite trying

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splendid splendid poem..

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Eyan Desir 24 March 2009

This poem tells A interstin stroy Fun and interestin good write

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Carl Harris 24 March 2009

This is a very well expressed poem, Kranthi, but there are some minor mistakes in it that need attention. In your second verse, the word 'frighted' should be frightened. In verse four, 'lone' should be loneliness and after for in line three, you should say 'my perishing image.' In verse five, 'loss' in the first line should be 'lose.' In the final one line verse, you need a space between 'at' and 'least.' Overall, as I said, this is a very expressive and well thought out poem, with short, crisp lines and a very cohesive plan throughout the poem. I liked it. Carl.

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Pablo Cruise 24 March 2009

Intriguing back and forth use of your words, Kranthi..........................

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Walterrean Salley 24 December 2009

Stand for something or you will fall for anything. We must take a stand when it comes to some things in life. A heroic poe. Thank you.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 23 December 2009

‘…I will fight the tyrant // And will die with honor…’ Staunch Faith in oneself is better than weak faith on God…, And your tyrant will go into oblivion…and you'll be immortal thro' death Ms. Nivedita Ten UK

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 04 April 2009

heroic words! I love it. keep writing!

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Sathyanarayana M V S 01 April 2009

'Gorantha deepam kondantha velugu chigurantha aasa jagamantha velugu' Your poem reminds me tha great song from Bapu's movie by Arudra. Yes! When noone to come to support u, you are very well there to support yourself. Well written poem

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Joseph Poewhit 25 March 2009

HERO'S often fail at things but bring the silver lining from the cloud

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