Change Poem by Kranthi Pothineni


Rating: 4.8

Many says, I want change
Want change in my time
Want change in my life
I want a change badly
I want change, many say

They pray for a change
They wish for a change
They look for a change
But they will not change
They just wait for change

It never happens to them
It will never ever happen
By mere prayer or wish
It must start from inside
With tons of determination

Change is not so easy
It takes lots of time
So it needs determination
The will to make change
The will to see change

Then only things will change
Then only time will change
Then only life will change
So go and get change
To see the bliss of change

Amy Douglass (Fifita) 16 April 2009

Very strong message. It is a good point to make and beautifully written.

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Louis Rams 16 April 2009

change starts with the first step forward. good write

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 17 April 2009

What people want is not a change...........but escape..........even if means escape from frying pan to burning fire.............Good Write..........

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Eyan Desir 17 April 2009

Sweet flow good write 10s

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Catrina Heart 17 April 2009

Change is the only thing in this world is enduring. If people wants some change and looking for change, great determination must possess, TRUE... but must start with oneself, with our very ownself then influencing others to have change for the betterment of all............lovely poem....Thanks!

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nice and awesome poem.

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Gerald Atanga 20 February 2010

nicely done, the message is clear and convincing; you can get change only if you start something

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Walterrean Salley 17 December 2009

The ball is in your court. You must make it happen. One must work to effect whatever change it is than one desires. A powerful message. Thank you.

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Saadat Tahir 15 July 2009

if change is for reflection and self improvement and dynamic evolution....i am all for it.....if else then its short-change nice lines cheers

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 23 April 2009

Change is one thing which is permanent..........good poem

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