Broken Poem by Kranthi Pothineni


Rating: 5.0

Lovely eyes I knew
Made my beat grew
Its a feeling of new
It says “I love you”

Life felt like a dew
Very easy to flew
Any ocean of blue
Without even a clue

It made heart threw
Into dreams I view
About the only two
Its just wish of true

But it too got screw
In a seconds of few
By stamped of shoe
In this world of zoo

Joseph Poewhit 16 October 2009

The last line says it all.

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Louis Rams 16 October 2009

people will tend to step on love, but that is their point of view for you said it in the first verse ' i will love you'. great write a ten

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Catrina Heart 18 October 2009

wow what a feeling expressed in a vivid way...great one! ! !

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Marieta Maglas 18 October 2009

nice lyric poem, lovely rhymes, thank you for sharing.......10++++++++

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Sarwar Chowdhury 24 October 2009

fine rhyme nice rhythm! 10+

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No Ones Bidness 30 July 2011

Portrays how is feels to fall in love when your young

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Walterrean Salley 03 January 2010

A warning about the difficulties of life.

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Kareem Hany 02 December 2009

Wonderful poem...10

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Ajmacia Mcqueen 09 November 2009

This poem was hipnotic to my eyes as I was reading You are a very good writer.

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Antonio Liao 03 November 2009

a heartbreak that never was....a day with out tears and moment with you to stay...please don't break my heart.....enigmatic pointless submission of pain.....beautiful piece of broken into pieces for a whole to come again....thank you and God bless....a 10 +

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