**** Love Bloodbath *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

**** Love Bloodbath ***

Rating: 4.3

Bang! Bang! And the head splits open
Like a work of Art
Mushroom pie painted in red
Human form has transformed into mincemeats
The lethargy of weakened love drumming
The urges to end creation
To end lives
A tragic you’d say
A conflict we’d delay
Shall not thou betrayal
My Royal loyal
Would shy away
From astray
“This is lunation”
Once the Lake Toba
Singing in joy and its juiciness
Wetting our paranormal unisons
The moon smiling on us
Couldn’t get enough of our melodrama
Our hearts pierced into one!
Our dreams winged into want
“What could have behold us”
Lies between another loves
All those sweetened lyrical words of yours
Enflamed the coldness beneath me
Ooooo honey and ooooooo baby
Leads to history’s tragedy
Crime scene a landmark
The dark Taj Mahal
Headlines the hallmark
Of once sweet little gal

Kimberley Lim 16 September 2008

A interesting pom, of anger and pain. Great expressions, through simple words. (: Keep striving.

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Tj Becker 16 September 2008

This was full of dark seeded emotions. Very descriptive although a horrible scene, you painted it well with your pen. It read as a story in poetry style. A good write

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Elena Toledo 17 September 2008

A very deep poem..Awesome work! ! ! I would love for you to read me too my freind Sul blessings Elena

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Aijaz Asif 17 September 2008

wow now thats dark, an extremely beautiful poem the one i like most, a great write sulaiman bhai....thanks

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Modi . 18 September 2008

Your work really moved me by its darkness, depth and drama, thank you for asking me to read it.

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Elike Ikechukwu 27 October 2008

Quite revolutionary, with good imagery. Just hoping that some day our hearts could peirce into one. You did a good very work.

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Maxislam Beauty 06 October 2008

Love is all better than all whilst many conjecture on love and timing.Great Job.

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Cheung Shun Sang 22 September 2008

I know that you love lives and peace-ok

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Dr.subhendu Kar 21 September 2008

interesting poem of unique style, life by the tragedies in the nichie of social millieu, wellpenned,10+, thanks for sharing

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P K 19 September 2008

a good one! ! ! .....nice poem! ! ! : -)

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