'Millennials' Poem by Ray Lucero


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In school learned addition and subtraction
Fed fast food full of sodium, sugar and fat
Cell phone texts or tweets their interaction
By age 10 they have become techno-brats

By 18 they are enslaved by student loans
Graduate with degrees they cannot use
Move back home, to Mom/Dad's moans
Lost hope leads to alcohol n' drug abuse

Known as 'Millennials' or Y-Generation
The children of 'The Great Recession'
Outcasts of a once 'Great Nation'
Now feel angst, fear, and deep depression

Who could have known just a hundred years ago
By destroying our youth U.S. will cease to grow...


The demise of an Nation caused by destroying the newest generation
Tom Allport 03 June 2017

a thought provoking poem of a generation lost then their young lives turning to despair? ............well written.

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Kayode Are 03 June 2017

So true of a generation weaned on lack of commitment. Rhyme scheme imposed order on fickleness.

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 June 2017

Enslaved with the muse of the System! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Gajanan Mishra 20 May 2017

watyer the root and avoid cease to grow

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B.m. Biswas 03 June 2017

modern scenario of the world.....the developing wold is suffering much but you can not shirk i too rather you have to control it.........congratulations.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 04 June 2017

Negligent parents must be held accountable.... congrats on being chosen....a big 10+++++

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Smoky Hoss 03 June 2017

Superb, and sadly truth.

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Richard Wlodarski 03 June 2017

People! People! People! When are you going to stop picking on the poor Millennials? Every generation has their share of problems. My generation (Baby Boomers) went through the psychedelic era. Drugs were running rampant even in the strictest of high schools. And the vast majority of us did not turn out to be addicts. We survived and became productive members of society. Same holds true for the Millennials. Mark my words. That being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed the poem. Because I was looking at it from a lighter perspective. Well written with good insight. Congratulations on Poem Of The Day.

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Liza Sudina 03 June 2017

I live very far from The USA and don't know how it goes there. Bt your poem quickly gave me a deep assessment of the situation there. Thank you!

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These kids aren't lost..they are like any generation that needs guidance and opportunity as well as being able to keep up with world and social demands..good poem...

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