Mourner - Μοιρολογητής Poem by Kostas Lagos

Mourner - Μοιρολογητής

Rating: 4.4

A priest who doesn't want to chant

A spider denying its web to spin

A poet who dislikes the words he writes

A turtle that its own shell it breakes

A singer who hates his songs

A bird trying to rip its wings off

A sculptor who can't stand looking at the rock

A snake swallowing its venom

A slave avoidinghis freedom

A dragon breathing smoke of a fire extinct

Let me be, let me live

Let me rest in peace

Ιερέας που δεν θέλει να ψάλλει

Αράχνη που αρνείται τον ιστό της να υφάνει

Ποιητής που τις λέξεις του αντιπαθεί

Χελώνα που το καβούκι της να σπάσει προσπαθεί

Τραγουδιστής που τα τραγούδια του μισεί

Πουλί που τα φτερά του ξεριζώνει με πυγμή

Γλύπτης που δεν αντέχει τον βράχο να κοιτά

Φίδι που το δηλητήριό του καταπίνει συριχτά

Σκλάβος τη λευτεριά του π' αποφεύγει

Δράκος που με σβησμένη τη φωτιά του απομένει

Αφήστε με να υπάρχω, αφήστε με να ζω

Αφήστε με εν ειρήνη κάποτε ν' αναπαυθώ

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: mourning
Practicing Poetess 30 October 2019

Kostas, it's great to see you be chosen for Member poem of the Day, with this most interesting poem. Congrats to you, and bask in your day of being honoured! : -)

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 October 2019

Mourner, this reverse poem you created, shows the things that do not go. Saddest if it´s truly so. Of course, a priest can´t chant if he mourns and the likes. CONGRATULATIONS, dear Kostas on being chosen by Poem Hunter and Team as The Member Poem Of The Day. Hurray! God´s Blessings in Abundance for you. A 10 Full Score for this scala of mourns. Saddest, but you wrote an amazing poem, Kostas. I have enjoyed very much!

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C F 30 October 2019

Congratulations for being chosen POD! Keep it up Kostas....

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Cynthia Deon 30 October 2019

Congratulations Kostas! Your catchy poetry contains mixtures of irony, nostalgia, humour and philosophical truths. Happy PH has chosen you for this honour.

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Bharati Nayak 30 October 2019

When these beautiful works can not be done, it must be a state of mourning. It is a lamentation and frustration for one's inability to do the things he is supposed to do. Congratulations Kostas Lagos for your poem being chosen as the Poem of the Day!

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NOLO SEGUNDO 11 March 2021

Rather remarkable-- I find myself wishing I had written more than one of your poems--my highest compliment

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Martin Greyford 02 January 2021

thoughtful, elegant and classy

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Anjandev Roy 31 December 2020

Outstanding write....

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Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh 04 November 2019

Deep, meaningful and elegant..10++++

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Kostas Lagos 31 October 2019

To everyone who read, commented or rated this poem, a big " thank you"

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