Mr Bean Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Mr Bean

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Mr. Bean has made the world go laughing
and if laughter tis the best medicine
then Mr. Bean sure is doctor of laughter
for quite apt is he at appealing humour!

Perhaps the world's best most beloved buffoon
with antics that could beat and defeat any clown or cartoon

King of joke, king of mock
he could send you rolling with laughter
With a serious silly face he played his pranks
to send you laughing ever after.

A funny man who purposely makes slips
or amuses the audience with amusing quips

A man immune to derision and ridicule
for he deliberately prefers to be comic
Funny is to watch him break any rule
for we all know it's just an onscreen antic.

Laugh and laugh, laugh till your sides ached
but watch how he has the last laugh
This jocular chap has mastered the art of comedy
He amuses quite single-handedly without aid or staff.

So before him on your small screen
your attention span for once shan't be mean
Just prepare to broaden that jaw
you're totally free to guffaw
at this engaging man of mock
this deliberate laughing-stock!

Few have not gone into rhapsody
over this funny fellar, King of comedy
So come heal ye your malady.

I read in d google provided news dat Mr. Bean convertd to Islam. Sceptics doubt dat news but i believe dat news must hav some basis. If its true then mr.bean welcome im more yer fan than eva
Nasarudheen Parameswaran 13 October 2013

I appreciate this suggestion on laughter and the poem

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Eman Obied 14 October 2013

light and funny poem.enjoyed it.I hope MR Bean will read it one day too :)

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Yasmin Khan 15 October 2013

A wonderful ode to humor and a renowned comedian Mr Atkinson. The information you shared in the notes is much pleasing,

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Lorraine Colon 15 October 2013

Once in a while they show Mr. Bean here in the USA. I love his antics - so funny. Your poem is a nice tribute to his comedic skills.

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So come heal ye your malady. Fantastic. Excellent portrait of Mr Bean.

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Kanav Justa 05 December 2013

As i was reading the poem... i recalled. Some of his episodes.. truly he was a gem of a person and so is your poem... loved it..

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Abdulla Al-hemaidy 09 November 2013

Mr. Bean & Mr. Cosby are great comedian.

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 04 November 2013

truly beautiful... very well written.... well expressed.. i liked it..

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 21 October 2013

I like Mr. Bean very much, he is the old time comedian, who has clean, good jokes, not like today.

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Rubab Atwal 18 October 2013

what a wonderful poem, fun to read..............

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