My Ghost Poem by Romeo Della Valle

My Ghost

Rating: 4.3

Take a stand and let me know
Which direction we shall go,
A nearer time than today
Shall not again come our way...

Hearts be true, yet, hands be still,
Paralyzed, they wait until
The moments have all but passed,
Few in reach are left to grasp...

Like a ghost crept out at night
Moaning still his weary plight
Haunts the chambers where he lived
The life he spent unfulfilled...

The vapors of something lost
Into composition tossed,
Makes this unnatural ghost,
A most disconsolate host...

I fear that's what's left of me,
An unrepairable deficiency,
Truth cannot be falsified,
Somewhere-it appears,
In full bloom and more sincere...

©All Rights Reserved-2012

Miss Darkness 18 May 2012

nice poem :) nice work

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Heather Wilson 18 May 2012

Wonderful poem, but the depth of it is so sad, Like a ghost crept out at night, , heartfelt work here, so well done. Such a touching read.

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Sossi Khachadourian 18 May 2012

Although its so sad but its not bad at all very well written and emotinal, i like the way you write my friend the real poet have to be at first honest and you are, Good job keep the good work up: -) ~ Blessings~

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 30 June 2012

all of us have ghosts in life and you speak for us like you, we also fear the same thing wow.

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Amber S 03 June 2012

nice poem u have so many. u are a very talented writer

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Brian Skyers 22 May 2012

A very nice softening poem..puts me into a lull as I read.. beautifull.

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Arild Ertsland 19 May 2012

Very nice work here my friend :) You write with your heart and soul, and yes we need to grasp the opportunities while they`re there.Excellent work! Take Care, Arild

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Valerie Dohren 18 May 2012

Great poem expressing the need to grasp opportunities in life before its too late.

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