My Garden Poem by Romeo Della Valle

My Garden

Rating: 4.7

Silent, dark and cold I am
To the outside that knows not
The glow within my shell
Trembling with a secret
And the immortal self,
My interior self...

I spill over sometimes
Or leave gate ajar
And feel you peeping in
To my world-less garden
Where I keep my flowers
In vast array and alive...

I water them far and wide
As often as I like,
The smell and feel of them
Refresh my heart and mind
With joy and pleasure
That 's always genuine...

Here lives the beating heart,
Scented with emotion
That breathes the freshest air
With tender persuasion,
The flowers bloom most fair,
Peacefully and delicately...

Everything seemed to be
Magically arranged,
The flowers enjoying
The refreshing dew
And the bright day
Making itself be felt
But something is missing:
The smile and presence of you
To make the whole day
Complete and pleasing!

©All Rights Reserved-2012

Gajanan Mishra 17 April 2012

This poem touched most. Congratulation. I also thankful grateful to you for you for the comments on my poem. Please keep relation for all times to come. Yours Gajanan Mishra,

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Heather Wilson 18 April 2012

A beautiful poem, so well described, a pleasure to read.

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Apphia Garcia 19 April 2012

i love the descriptions and what an ending

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Hans Vr 20 April 2012

Beautiful love poem, Romeo. Fantastic. The images are indeed great the verses are melodious. Superb poetry

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Justice Honey 20 April 2012

this is very pretty and heartfilled

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Alaude Solus 13 July 2012

Well said, kind sire. Truly a great poem that describes a peaceful scenery. Thank you for inviting me to read your poem.: D

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Antonio Liao 11 June 2012

essence of life takes, when lines you wrote, captureour emotion...your Great....a 10/10

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Anna Haines 29 May 2012

I love it, its amazing :) thanks for letting me read it

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<3 Nom Nom Nom <3 05 May 2012

Romeo, this is really well written throughout the piece, and I enjoyed reading it

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i love the imagery that you created with your words. as always, very well written. i like the dark to light feel i get from beginning to end.

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