My Two Cents Poem by Craig Mize

My Two Cents

It's cold outside and the rain is steady coming down my face like tears of all of the lost dreams that has came and gone. Time passes by slowly at a snails pace. All the while racing against the time of life. Gray hair appears and disappears like a ghost in the dark. You are getting older by the second but every day is a life time. You look outside the window at the people trying to get in out of the weather of the society. People walking around like zoombies hooked on everything but phonics. Drunk on everything but love and life. Getting high is their way out of a reality that has gotten to real. But it's a nightmare coming true like Freddy but there is no elm's street. You tell them to breathe slow close there eyes and wake up. But from where and where are they going. Society has casted them unfit to live in their neighborhoods. So now they are lost forever in a state of limbo. We see them out there. We can help but to afraid to get our hands dirty like the trash that we say they are. But are they really or are they you and me, are they our co workers and friends, our brothers and sisters all in the name of Christ.

Lets stop judging people for their mistakes and start helping them make a brighter future for everyone sake

Minu Alex 26 April 2011

u wrote 400 poems so far! wel wow!

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Joseph Poewhit 28 June 2010

Escape - take one in the morning and one at bed time

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Preetam Shetty 07 June 2010

A great message conveyed, , , , , , , good job sir

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Gita Ashok 07 June 2010

Beautiful poem on such a relevant theme. A wonderful choice of words. I like the conclusion particularly. Thanks for sharing.

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Craig Mize

Craig Mize

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