Red Rum Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Red Rum

Rating: 3.5

Red rum, Red rum
I drink you away
You are my friend
as I am your slave.

You have no concern
who I love or I kill
Its just so damn good
all the blood that I'll spill.

As I drink from my flask
time seems to move fast
My task I know clear
as I move torward the ax.

The Rum is downed
the ax in hand,
''Were is my wife! !
my son I demand! ! ''

I walk to the door
my concern not to knock,
the time is now turning
so fast on the clock.

I smash the ax hard
so mad, through the door
as the wood chips fly
to hit the floor.

As I slash my way in
all I hear are the screams
of the love of my life
through the hole here face gleams.

I reach through the hole
and the way is now clear,
I smell what I hear
what I now call fear.

I walk in the house
I know what to do.
''Alice! ! Danny! ! COME OUT

I start to make way
up those15 stairs,
my wife and son knowing
the man no longer cares.

I twist the handle
the door is locked.
The love in my head has
been completely blocked.

''Alice! ! ! ...Baby! ! ! .....
LET ME COME IN! ! ! ''
I'm so unaware of
my soon to be sin.

I start to slash the
way to my wife.
I will do it for the Rum
I will take my sons life.

The hole has been cut
and I make my way in,
my son has experienced
the acts of men.

... Lynch 16 August 2007

AWESOME! ! ! 'The acts of men' < great. Love it. -Kylie M. Lynch

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Meghan R. 03 September 2007

You deffinetly did it again. You seemed to amaze me with this poem too! I felt the emotion, I captured the image of what was going on in my head. This poem can deffinetly make readers want to read more, and more, and more! You have a way of not letting a reader get uninterested. The cool twist to this poem was its almost like a movie when the dad went nuts and is drinking his problems away. haha loved it. Realy great stuff. I want to read ALL of your poems, I just don't have the time right now. Sorry. Keep this shitt up though ahah. with all my love, Meghan Rhy

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Hali Curtis 01 October 2007

good poem cuzin i like it alot...

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Amie-Lee ...... 04 November 2007

Good work. Another good poem. Keep it up. This shows exactly how dangerously addictive drugs and alcohol can be. Be careful, or you'll end up like up the good work.

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Effie Yalena Steyn 11 April 2008

Red Rum as in Mur Der? I love this, you express emotion beautifully. Long time no speak though! Effie xx

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Susan Jarvis 15 June 2009

Stephen King's epic condensed into a vivid and affecting piece of poetry. S :)

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sounds like something i would do!

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Shasta ! ! ! 13 June 2009


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! l0v3 2 g3t l@! d 07 May 2009

remindds me of a movie or at least it should be a movie love it 10 pts

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Rose Cook 02 May 2009

wow, i love it its such a sad but true and honest piece it makes you think

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