Red Rum Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Red Rum

Rating: 3.5

Red rum, Red rum
I drink you away
You are my friend
as I am your slave.

You have no concern
who I love or I kill
Its just so damn good
all the blood that I'll spill.

As I drink from my flask
time seems to move fast
My task I know clear
as I move torward the ax.

The Rum is downed
the ax in hand,
''Were is my wife! !
my son I demand! ! ''

I walk to the door
my concern not to knock,
the time is now turning
so fast on the clock.

I smash the ax hard
so mad, through the door
as the wood chips fly
to hit the floor.

As I slash my way in
all I hear are the screams
of the love of my life
through the hole here face gleams.

I reach through the hole
and the way is now clear,
I smell what I hear
what I now call fear.

I walk in the house
I know what to do.
''Alice! ! Danny! ! COME OUT

I start to make way
up those15 stairs,
my wife and son knowing
the man no longer cares.

I twist the handle
the door is locked.
The love in my head has
been completely blocked.

''Alice! ! ! ...Baby! ! ! .....
LET ME COME IN! ! ! ''
I'm so unaware of
my soon to be sin.

I start to slash the
way to my wife.
I will do it for the Rum
I will take my sons life.

The hole has been cut
and I make my way in,
my son has experienced
the acts of men.


At little homocidal but at least it ends with me keeping guessing.Good ryhme scheme

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Emma Woods 23 August 2008

wow this is really gripping - I love every word - it's great. The structure of it is amazing and it makes the reader just want to keep reading. It ends unexpectedly but that's what I like about it it's gripping and fantastic! ! :) hope you've had a nice day x

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Emo Seb 29 July 2008

this is a perfect example of y, if ur gonna get drunk, u should bury the axes and sh! t first. tehe

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Arabian Heart 13 June 2008

my eyes wide in pain and fear will the rum stop what i truly fear such things should not happen

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~ Jon London ~ 03 June 2008

The shining bro.......fantastic job..raw talent hippy..'10' keep'm coming best to you Jon

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Susan Jarvis 15 June 2009

Stephen King's epic condensed into a vivid and affecting piece of poetry. S :)

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sounds like something i would do!

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Shasta ! ! ! 13 June 2009


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! l0v3 2 g3t l@! d 07 May 2009

remindds me of a movie or at least it should be a movie love it 10 pts

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Rose Cook 02 May 2009

wow, i love it its such a sad but true and honest piece it makes you think

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