No Perhaps Philosophy Poem by ahmed khaled

No Perhaps Philosophy

Rating: 4.5

when i sing..
i don't sing
when i dance..
i don't dance
but when i write
and when i love..
there's no perhaps
since, ..
when i write..
i do love,
when i love..
i do write,
and when i do 'both'
i do me
and when i do 'me'
i do..
no perhaps.

Jacqui Broad 13 November 2011

This is a great philosophy to live by... When we do the things we love, we do it wholeheartedly, because we're good at it, it comes naturally. But talk about doing things we are not comfortable doing in front of others, it's a 'rather not' situation. But writing and loving is a private affair which we share with people we feel confident with... Marvelous poem!

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Paul Brookes 12 November 2011

Very insightful poem I liked it

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Neagu Geta 12 November 2011 very deep the message od this poem..i love it..

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Dead Leaf 12 November 2011

i like it very much...words are executed very beautifully..good work

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Unwritten Soul 11 November 2011

So much affection in this write and it claim a place of aesthetic in our mind.. a generation of love emerged and you sing and dance for us by your words, in your writing that full of love lullaby..nice write....By the way the autumn picture that i painted is not about sad Ahmed, it's about nature full of colors and colors inked our life differently...Keep writing and the love in your writing should be striking as always..Good luck n take care ur health my friend_Unwritten Soul

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Elke Seven 29 November 2011

Beautiful poem, but even love needs its rewards.

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Cristina Teodor 25 November 2011

A journey through your words labyrinth game, a twist of words with fine wise meaning. Great poem..Cristina Teodor

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Soulful Heart 24 November 2011

play of words letting out a mirage of feelings........defracting to emit so variant meanings...........liked how u used the same words to mean different each

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Eriobu Christabel 14 November 2011


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Benjamin Paa Willie 13 November 2011

Bravo! Every line of this poem is my favourite line

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