Nut-Ricious Nutty Poetry Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Nut-Ricious Nutty Poetry

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Most people go bananas over chocolate
I'm well nuts about nuts as well
Stuff them in chocolate
ice-cream or sherbet.

Yeah munch on peanuts
brunch on hazelnuts
Ah lunch on pecan nuts
or crunch on chestnuts

For nuts could never drive one nuts
Ironically nutters perhaps never ate them
A nutcase perhaps never pried open
a nut from its case
as nuts could never ever
fall from grace
Any nut brown eyes shouldn't miss them.

Nuts are an anytime anywhere snack
Do travel with 'em' in your backpack

Savour the taste of salted groundnuts or roasted peanuts
I even see locals munch on round kola nuts.

Western walnuts are tasty too
and acorns ain't just for squirrels
in forests or the zoo

Enjoy the crunchy East African cashews
Snack on slivered Indian almonds
or even Persian pistachios

Ahem well rhyming this poem
was sure quite a tough nut to crack ;)
Rhyming was tough for this nutty crunchy snack

Besides there's so many of them
I can't just put em' all in a nutshell
I can only hope and wish you enjoy
this nutty tale I tell.

But I do hope to have offered all the nuts and bolts on nut variety
And now nothing else can rhyme here
except its creator the Almighty

And this poem be as well for all poetry nuts
for don't all of you poets have such poetic guts?

A word in caveat now, yeah go on crack those nuts
but take care not to crack your canines
Pray protect your pearly whites
Your very own precious stalactites
those right inside your facial cave mines
and lest with cavity holes you whine.

Unwritten Soul 13 August 2013

Crunchy poetic snack, crunch crunch yummy as your line ~Rhyming was tough for this nutty crunchy snack~ nice taste! _Soul

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Valsa George 13 August 2013

Oh.. This is nutty.... and this nutty tale I am sure everyone will enjoy! Making it rhyme, I know is a hard nut to crack! The advice at the end is an icing to this delectable sweetpie of nuts! !

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Elena Sandu 12 August 2013

Hahaha nice play of words, thank you for share! Have also found a great deal of truth here: For nuts could never drive one nuts. Yes, nuts are one of the great food good for brain, taken regulary in moderation, may keep us away from the need of a shrink.

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 12 August 2013

good imagery thanks for sharing

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 12 August 2013

good imagery thanks for sharing

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Yasmin Khan 26 August 2013

Your poem is full of tasty crunchy images and enjoyable as nuts and crunch are with some nice puns.

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Bri Edwards 22 August 2013

i especially enjoyed reading: Western walnuts are tasty too and acorns ain't just for squirrels in forests or the zoo .....i've read that american indians(native americans) here in california used to, and may still, grind acorns into flour. i would tweak this if it were my poem, but, all in all, i found it delicious, if a but nutty. thanks for sharing. i eat nuts usually twice a day. lucky me.

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Shahzia Batool 22 August 2013

pleasant and light experimentation with themes and forms is always welcome! ! !

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Saadat Tahir 22 August 2013

lovely and crunchy to the T of the nutty... enjoyed another nut fan... :)

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 18 August 2013

I am on the side of Valsa George and I put same comment Zaynub Great write

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