Ode To A Snail Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Ode To A Snail

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Slug or Snail
Slow you trail
The slimy path you leave
upon bark or rail
or along my pail
Glue from your tail?
Ah bind my mail?
Be my pet not pet peeve
Don't crawl up my sleeve.
Go mark some leaves.
Don't glue my nail!
How do I guess your emotions?
You never smile or wail

Ode To A Snail
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: animals
Aarzoo Mehek 01 March 2016

awwwww such a cute poem. keep sharing.

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Brian Mayo 03 March 2016

Your poem is original, funny, and creative. With this entry, surely, a poem has now been written about every subject under the sun.

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Rajnish Manga 01 March 2016

Lovely little poem and rarest of the rare ode to a snail. Thank you for sharing, Mdm.

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Wahab Abdul 01 March 2016

nice one my dear poet, like it, keep writing...

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Simone Inez Harriman 27 July 2018

I enjoyed your neat little poem and marveled at the gorgeous snails in your picture. You got me thinking about the emotions of a snail too...lol.

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Seamus O Brian 07 July 2017

I admire your obvious joy in writing. Your passion gives you a freedom to explore in writing, to take chances and bend the rules. It is very refreshing. Bravo, good poet!

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Elena Sandu 01 October 2016

Wonderful poem, so playful but in the same time so deep! The image of a snail crawl up on the sleeve to me brings the feel of stopping the time. Today when we seem to feed more and more on speed, to observe and befriend a snail feels like a good relax and take of fresh air.

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Christopher Tye 30 September 2016

Wonderful poem, Snails are really amazing creatures if we take the time to study them.

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Tom Billsborough 07 June 2016

Beautiful melody in your verse and great content. Love the pictures. I think we've got one in the house. saw a trail this morning. There is a fine poem about a snail by the french poet, Francis Ponge. I might translate it soon. I'll put you on Favourite poets@ list so I get notice of any new poems you submit. Tom Billsborough

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