! ! ! ! On The Way To Golden Goddess Temple Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! ! ! On The Way To Golden Goddess Temple

Rating: 3.3

The blue sky roof expanse was fairly pleasant in noon
But you made me give away my dreams by evening

It began when we crossed the border of Bangalore at Hosur
And the change could be seen from the clouds in clusters

It was raining over all the potholes of Krishnagiri roads and my
blue Japanese umbrella was in the back seat of our Peugeot

I sought for a coffee day but there no outlet in that
Remote place where only petty shops served filter coffee

Hills on the sides were covered on heavy downpour and we had
To take this deviation to reach the *golden goddess temple

Our car’s old age and the never so friendly spares made it
A visible lament on the rain filled drive below average speed

Going in rain was not fun and I was worried of a puncture
Or the possible breakdown and towing of this old end car

I felt like going straight on the highway upto Pollachi passing
Dharmapuri, Salem and Coimbatore on the rain fed roads..

It would be splendid to see rain falling on Aliyar Dam and the
lovely park as well as the chain of mountains on western ghats

Goddess may be waiting there for us but rain a rare
Phenomenon on a wrong season all the more worried

You made my dreams to rest along, Goddess, where I really
Want to be there for that resplendent evening illumination

Reflecting on the golden layers in and around near the lamp lit
Sanctum and your dominance spread across in acres...

The sign board shows there a long forty five kilometers
And I know it would be a task to reach in time for that fusion

On the way of golden Goddess temple, there rain Gods not pleased
And I wish I could walk along the rain and reach your sanctum

To my reader friends....
Golden Goddess temple is situated in Sripuram at the foot of a small range of green hills in a place known as 'Malaikodi' near the town of Vellore in Tamil nadu, India

Satheesan Rangorath 20 June 2008

Hi Rema You have succeeded is taling the reader alon with you on a trip of golden goddess temple.A good narrative travelogue poem. well done Greetings Satheesan Rangorath

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rohit sapra 20 June 2008

The way you have described the whole journey is very nice as every word of your poem reflects a picture which is unseen and still seen through your words which reflect the strength of words which you used in describing such a picturesque poem.

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~ Jon London ~ 19 June 2008

Stunning journey into lushes loveliness.....the capture of the rain...Remarkable Rema...your ability to use such flowing expression in the way you do...well it's amazing....a true poetess...10+ best wishes Jon.

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Rani Turton 19 June 2008

I enjoyed this ride which was image-filled and when the rain-clouds suddenly appeared felt your apprehension!

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Kesav Easwaran 19 June 2008

an intimate trip to the golden goddess temple braving the not so intimate rain gods...a good narration, rema! i felt as if i was traveling with you in your old peugeot down bangalore - salem high way...10

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Chitra - 01 July 2008

a pure prsitine way of describing a religious place feel so much more at peace.

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premji premji 01 July 2008

golden goddess temple is deep within your soul and of course mine!

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Anjali Sinha 28 June 2008

hey Rema, beautiful description of a great pilgrimage. thanks for sharing with us. regards anju

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Subbaraman N V 23 June 2008

Great journey, great experience and great write! Congrats!

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Seema Chowdhury 21 June 2008

an enjoyable read Rema, nice to read about your journey to the temple.

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