! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Twelve Springs And A Winter Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Twelve Springs And A Winter

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From Carmel Convent to university
Ann, we shared a special bond of friendship,
I remember the day you left university
to join Defence and your heartfelt
inland letters on which you cried your heart
to say the way you missed campus..,
I remember your wedding in Kumarkom
CSI Church, twelve springs ago...
I was there near you my beloved
friend on your wedding and for the
red and white roses bedecked lavish
parish hall reception...

It was all like a trance of events and
I knew your life would be different
but for the level of comfort we shared on
our friendship, we exchanged the most exciting
emails and I received a lot of greetings from your
new home in Zurich, niceties of your
visit to Bern on the banks of river Aare,
hand notes on the fine Gothic architecture
of Bern’s heritage sites and a lot of snapshots
picked up from your happy moments of life...

I was not sure of the growing eventualities
of life and the reason for your silence in years...
and the phone call I received from you last winter
that it is all over for you...the need to
start afresh all alone with three little children....
I wonder why life slipped away from your fingers
in twelve springs and how and why you parted on
a loving bond of a blissful life so sacred....
Your sorrow over phone so cold from
miles and miles away I heard
and your voice from silence was so cold.....
so cold than the coldest winter.......

Ramesh T A 29 June 2008

Console your friend 'If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? '

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Kesav Easwaran 29 June 2008

a sad information intimate and personal...most touchingly you share this with your fellow readers...a good sincere write... thanks...10

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Onelia Avelar 29 June 2008

This is wonderful, wonderful piece of poetry, a short poetical chronology of events, through the eyes of a friend, from a distance of time (twelve springs) and space. Very well penned and intriguing reading!

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~ Jon London ~ 29 June 2008

Rema, As always with your poems you never fail to amaze us with your ability to use expression-ate verses that draw the readers into the fabulous world that you create with your finely penned qualities.............A true Poetess 10++ Best wishes to you Rema Jon.

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Rani Turton 30 June 2008

The ups and downs of a life...sad and moving. Thanks Rema.

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Indira Babbellapati 28 July 2008

predictably unpredictable, that's wht life is...nicely put, rema...

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Ershad Mazumder 11 July 2008

Excellant piece. Thanks Rema

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Sadiqullah Khan 10 July 2008

a freinds story told with passion, , , i like the flow and the rythm here, , some deep thought also mixes in when it comes to the childeren and the coldest winter, , ~10~

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Raj Nandy 08 July 2008

This outpouring coming straight from your heart has touched a chord in mine! - Raj Nandy

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Mamta Agarwal 01 July 2008

this is such a beautiful poem about friendship, camradreie, pain and change.10 for this and thanks for sharing. today only i was reading a book on friendship.the distance doesn't dilute a friendship. Mamta

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