! ! ! ! Portrait Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! ! ! Portrait

Rating: 3.6

Rema Prasanna

Oh! Grandmother, you did not live up to
Envisage the hand prints of a high tech era
Not even a television, the collective
Co product of one multihued world
Believed and feared snapshots
Would recede the span of life
Not even stood for one flawless picture
For me to keep aside

Oh! Grandmother, you walked past on the line of life
Leaving me to enlighten my inner vision to direct
A paint brush to create a memoir for you
A portrait, to place on the centre hall of our
Ancestral home, where you lived life in full
Incessantly radiating happiness
Poised forever, there inside that
Gilded frame, a lineage entranced in full
Ages and eras not enough to portrait
You in a picture frame however I place it as the
Treasured reminiscence of your life

Vidyadhar Durgekar 05 May 2008

a good tribute to a grand mother.good poem

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Usha Pisharody 18 May 2008

Exquisitely crafted. You use your words well, to colour your fond memories. One of your best for me! You are blessed to feel so, and to present this tribute :)

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Greenwolfe 1962 09 June 2008

I am always entranced by a wrirtten piece such as this. It is a form of prose that I call 'prose poetry '. It is the must lucious of things to read. Even more than true poetry, it is the essence of remembered communication. I treasure this, above all the creations of man's artistic talents. GW62

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Tsira Goge 22 June 2008

Very original warm poems... Here the reader sees deep and fine internal a life not only two, and several generation, a beautiful free verse... Also as you Lady Rema.... 10.... Tsira

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Onelia Avelar 30 June 2008

Wow, you sellect and mix the words like charming herbs. The poem is very rich of ideas and humanity, warmth. Very well penned Rema!

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Sathyanarayana M V S 05 August 2008

I read many poems on grandparents, kith and kin. None evoked the kind of interest this poem has. Instantly I recalled my grandparents and my father. I always felt for a good photograph of my handsome father.Oh! Your poem touched the deepest parts of my heart! I'm unable to even stop tears. This is pain..this is nostalgia. Thousand thanks to u. sathya narayana

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Mamta Agarwal 26 July 2008

a warm remembrance and tribute to your grand mother and the times she lived in, very well penned Rema.10

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Kyle Shield Laster 21 July 2008

i'm sure your grandmother loves this poem. nicely written.

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Chitra - 09 July 2008

a lovely protrait of your grandmother :)

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Lynda Robson 07 July 2008

A wonderful portrait of your Grandmother, warm and quite lovely, Lynda xxx

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