Our Silvery Dreams Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

Our Silvery Dreams

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Many laughters we've shared
Some struggles have come inn our ways
Tears have fallen on our eyes
But our hands still hold firmly.

For many years we've been apart
Many directions crossed on our paths
We fly very high
Carrying our longing dreams.

But inside that dream
You and I will be together.

Embrace our arms for one purpose
Smile warmly to see you
Sharing our moments in binding us
Yearning in your presence

Will make us complete
Wholly and Unbroken
Memories of passion and bonding
Would never forget
Fights, quarrels,
and misunderstanding
That we had encountered.

Sometimes hatred came beneath
But milling days grills
Our hearts had changed it
TO Love In Unity

Our silvery dreams
Make our lives fulfilled
Our Silvery Dreams
Make Our Lives Fulfilled.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Biplab Singha 15 December 2013

Very excellent poem!

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Shania K. Younce 26 December 2013

It is such a dear poem. I really enjoyed it.

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Biplab Singha 29 March 2014

great you have expressed. thanks

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Marvin Brato 24 December 2013

Beautiful poem bro, truly profound penning!

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 04 December 2013

The silvery dreams of soulmates n spouses. Wow poetic n written superbly!

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Helena Zen 06 May 2014

a wish to fulfilled lives and unity with friends. Silvery beautiful

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Jonas Goncalves 05 May 2014

I really liked the way how you showed the feelings through those beautiful words. It's a great poem. It's inspiring.

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Vilma Gomez 04 May 2014

Our Silvery Dreams, , , Make Our Lives Fulfilled. ...Affecting .....Emotional .......I was TOUCHED reading this poem

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Susan Wall 01 May 2014

very nice, i like it keep the writing going.

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Jessica Hernandezdamian 25 April 2014

Its a lovely poem. I really enjoy reading it. Great job!

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