Paradoxes Poem by kanav justa


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Judge not a heart of someone by his shadow
see not splendor always from the eye
don’t speak of a man from his frowning brow
or the way his poor heart sigh

don’t measure the grace of mountain tall
by his size or by his might
its not the snow that makes the mountain cold
but his unconquerable height

don’t tell of a star by the flames on its surface
what matter is the heat of the core
that decides it’s fate or else it's too late
for a star to live a day more

don’t measure the joy from the face of two lovers
from their vows their fate you can’t tell
love like gold is bought and sold
lovers they bid farewell

Sunday, March 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Valsa George 06 March 2014

This is great wisdom and a great write, Kanav! ! Appearances are often deceptive and what is inside is unfortunately hidden at the core! Never judge somebody or something just by seeing the the external rind! This deserves full marks!

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Noreen Carden 06 March 2014

Kanav this is absolutely a ten beautifully written and a joy to read.Well done

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Valerie Dohren 05 March 2014

Beauty is only skin deep - true value lies within. A fine poem Kanav, beautifully expressed.

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Rajesh Thankappan 05 March 2014

Exterior looks may be deceptive and core of the thing may be different. Nice imaginary.

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Lyn Paul 03 March 2014

Wise words Kanav for how we judge everything far too quickly, sometimes with regret. Thank You

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Yash Shinde 25 March 2014 are amongst one of the most splendid poets on PH, I dont really know what brings such concepts to your mind, but this poem is wonderfully great, we should never judge a thing by its outer appearance.....

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Shahzia Batool 16 March 2014

a mellow wisdom in confident voice while pronouncing judgements on the paradoxical nature of life and the living...good kanav! ! !

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Dinesan Madathil 15 March 2014

An exquisite poetic piece with distinct message to convey. You are walking the extra mile of a poet here, Kanav.

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The Reader 15 March 2014

who told you all these wise things? ? ? wonderful paradoxes are the building blocks of life! good poem!

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Rubab Atwal 10 March 2014

an amazingly beautiful poem.....loved reading it...

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