*** Passion *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** Passion ***

Rating: 4.2

Grand old Canyon Mars on Earth
Precursor to the rebirth
Of more scenic terrains of passion
We explore the umbilical union
Two souls embedded with escapism
Could we breathe the confined air?
Necessities surge but a test
You and I progressed
Love is paramount
As alive as Death Valley
I guess the rains down in here
Tormented and isolated…
The soils are red as our rigid hearts
The night skies were the curtain of Paradise…
Could we excel on no man’s land?

Far from over,
Pyramid and the Sphinx…
Proudest of the dessert
Great Wall of China…
A sign of loyalty
Taj Mahal love prowess
Leila and Majnun…
Love tragic
Dear…you’re manic!
What’s the significance of those?
Ain’t get enough of the trust?

Make no mistake
James Blunt singing ‘same mistake’
The song flows right to my heart
I treated your internal wounds
Like Oasis says ‘stop crying your heart out’
I lick your heartache spills
Like Bonnie Tyler says ‘it’s a heartache’
I will hammer Greenland’s iceberg
Nourishing your thirst for me
I will swim rough waters of Cape of Good Hope
Rescuing you from drowning
I will brave Siberian’s winter
Making an Igloo for us
I will befriend the lost tribes of Amazon
Telling them of our wedding day
The lighthouse of Newfoundland
Would welcome us as we ashore
Greetings from fauna and flora
Enchanting like morning dews dripping
Welcoming two soul mates

Dear…we’re manic
Love as deep as Black Hole
We float on the planetarium
Jupiter would smile and says ‘hello’
The moon says ‘bye bye I’d miss ya good fellow'
Milky ways shimmer as we journey through
Final escalation is yet to come
Beyond the spectrum
Heaven waits…


I love this poem keep writing you are doing great

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Rehab Helmy 24 October 2008

what can I say? it's so perfect the way it is and needs not nothing more to be added. I like the appreciation of u to the wonders of the world and truly they look great and I like the idea too u painted in this piece and I 'd like to think that way too :) I 'm waiting for new pieces from u soon. good luck.

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Malini Kadir 23 October 2008

I read and re read this piece of legacy......you have excelled! in your passage through.......the vast and mystic journey of life.......and passion and the ending lines are just superb!

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Jester's P 23 October 2008

Passion convey a message of deep apreciation to the creation of God- the evolution of life towards its fullness. nice piece and i like it...let us continue the legacy of poetry, and let us make poetry as a tool to make a difference.

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Phillip Seymore 22 October 2008

yo reallly love it you really put your heart and soul into it keep it up

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Joe Smoe 28 January 2020

i like dogs they are poopppppphyhyy

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Miriam Maia Padua 23 February 2009

great....i feel like in a place you beautifully written.... written with passion... written with brilliancy....with your exemplary techniques of choosing words.... wonderful imaginations...vivid description of beautiful places from the captivating beauty of nature to the enchanting beauty of the universe... the melody and then traveling towards infinity.. wonderful......marvelous work of poetry...... 10++++

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Brittney Karasek 29 November 2008

I love this one, it seems it would fit the mood of a muse album... influenced?

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Raja Basu 04 November 2008

The poem is a rare combination of - a rich imagination power, a wonderful command of the language, and an effortless poetic expression. A marvellous work.

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I love the picture you brought to my head. Keep writing this is wonderful

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