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I can recall that first prayer I made
I learnt it from my father indeed.
For me its was uttering 3 stanza
In front of the statues plaza.
Eyes closed, hands folded.

I still remember
I did my prayer
To the utmost satisfaction of my father.
There was a kind of fear

With Father and not with God.
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a 'grow up' poem..excellent in content..i should thank my parents they never told me to do anything..not even pray..an excellent write

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Raj Nandy 28 April 2008

A well written poem; the last line creating the desired impact! -Raj Nandy

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Abha Sharma 28 April 2008

i feel the prayer is not what we recite for ten minutes but the real prayer is made for the rest of 23hrs 50 mins..... you have wonderfully expressed the consciousness of the PRAYER as we grow up...very realistic...

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Aasiq the poet 28 April 2008

all prayers are healing lines....

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Bob Blackwell 16 June 2009

Seems we have to learn the hard lessons before we learn. In a way you narrated a life from prayer to prayer. My life was reflected there.

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'Then came the time, life at close sight Peak and recession implicit. Learnt, even to pray mercy for other’s evilness An itinerary to seek into consciousness. Prayer has become a healer to my soul' I m a buddhist., but I do know many people who do lots of good this world......spread the love jesus's taught us, and keep praying, it will heal your soul..spread the words of love, the kind of love that can touch the hearts of worst animal...10++ regards shan

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Indira Renganathan 22 May 2009

The last line is meaningful preaching the importance of prayer...great

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Subroto Chatterjee 12 May 2009

Amusing and touching...All of us think of the Almighty especially during troubled times..! ! Enjoyed this one. Cheers. Subroto

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rohit sapra 26 April 2009

These verses really describe the value of prayers with such appropriate words as it surely does instill hope in a living creature.

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