Questions Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


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Tell me god
What was my fault!
I wanted to live,
I wanted to love,
I started my journey
With my inner elated self,
Longing to cherish this beautiful world!
Tell me God
What was my sin!
I worshipped you,
I had faith on you,
I leaped with excitement
To experience your beautiful creations!
Tell me God
Why you ripped off my skin,
Using your animal like human beings
Without any compassion,
Devoid of passion,
Killing me with brutal mindset
And forcing me to leave the magnificent earth
Which you had created!
Answer me god,
Why you did this to me,
While I come to you,
Still scared to believe
Whether I am reaching heaven or hell!
What was my fault?

Copyright © 2013 Indranil Bhaduri

Questions asked by a lady who was treated with animal instincts, raped brutally and forced to depart from this world.A recent incident which all of us are aware. These are her questions to the creator, wherever he is....
Vivek Tiwari 10 January 2013

Very pathetic! Any heart that effort to go in the depth of the questions being asked here can't prevent a rending pain that this poem complaints for. Though its too hard to tolerate and bear such pines of life but...... Life has to go...... 10

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Sridatta Gupta 10 January 2013

awesome.i felt like applauding out loud.

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Bob Brown 10 January 2013

My heart pained as I read this. No one can ever actually understand the pain she had gone through. And her questions after she left this world to the creator remains unanswered... Dear poet, Kudos to you, we all feel the pain, but not as much as she had felt! Let humanity come back to this world dear God!

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Akanksha Bhatt 10 January 2013

Truly an excellent poem. Yeah... mostly all of us are aware of the incident. very brutal. May God have mercy in her soul. ....... THANKS for sharing it. :) 10/10 from me.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 10 January 2013

This is an innocent question asked out of indignation.God several times answered You suffer out of the result of your actionWe are created with discretionary power also.As Lord Buddha said we can go through right path..We have to perform individual duty, social duty and national duty failing which sorrow emanates.We create our own disaster.This poem is thought provoking.Nice.

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Divya Gupta 08 July 2013

I can't expres d felng..max. Al knw abt ds incident n i 2 ws realy shockd by hearing dis inhuman brutality.. Wel writen n expresd..hats off

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Kavya . 08 July 2013

yeah so true and so well portrayed the pains of the victim who was assualted for no fault of hers.......nice write

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Simran Arora 22 June 2013

Very nice nd clear. Plz read my new poem. Thnx u

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Saleem Tharani 08 March 2013

MAESTRO...! wish if the earth could ever get free from the evils and fill with love, turn into a garden where everybody admires the beautiful flowers but no one would think of plucking them off......

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Saleem Tharani 08 March 2013

i am too young to answer this questions but the answer i guess is ' PATIENCE'

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