Reflection Poem by Brian Dorn


Rating: 4.9

Who are you to cast these stones
As if your transgressions were unknown

So, this is what my speck has triggered
Your plank has left you so disfigured

What do you gain by judging me
Just whose reflection do you see

Aisha Sherazi 10 September 2006

I could feel the tension in this one Brian, it helps to get it out, doesn't it? I especially liked the last part, isn't that called projection in pschyo babble? :) Peace, Aisha

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Mary Naylor 31 August 2006

I thought this was a powerful poem! Also, it's well-crafted and well-written.

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Lesa K 30 June 2006

Very well written, Brian. There are times when I find in anger, people often accuse others of true relections of the transgressions they themselves are responsible for...

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Ivy Schex 22 June 2006

Wow! Quite profound. I wonder just what gave you the inspiration for that... just kidding. Great job. Ivy

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Jessy Liz 09 June 2006

Well done, Brian! ! ! !

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Adeeb Alfateh 25 July 2019

What do you gain by judging me Just whose reflection do you see excellent expression 10+++++++++

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Gisela Ireland 19 April 2009

Love it. You have a lovely way with words. I aspire to cultivate similar skill.

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Lisa Wilkinson 01 March 2007

Well done, Brian. Sorry for the delay in getting on here, but I told you I would eventually. I have block at the moment but hope to write very soon, will let you know. I have a poem which reminds me of this poem its called By Being you.0x0

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Robert Howard 22 February 2007

Outstanding analysis, Brian. So many self appointed arbiters of good sit in the pews each weekend with their chins touching the ceiling joists. If they were to really read the passages in John and Matthew that you alluded to they would rip the subversive pages from their books.

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Ruby Root 15 September 2006

Hi Brian, Everyone judges Brian, It's sad. It would be a great world if people accepted people for who they are but it's not like that. Everyone is competitive and it can be cruel. Excellent poem. Great message.

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