Poetry Is Sexy Poem by Brian Dorn

Poetry Is Sexy

Rating: 4.7

Poetry is sexy
Its lyrics aim to please

Poetry is sexy
Engaging in its tease

Poetry is sexy
It radiates with verb

Poetry is sexy
Every idyllic word

Poetry is sexy
Refined for purity

Poetry is sexy
Stripped of subtlety

Poetry is sexy
When read between the lines

Poetry is sexy
Laced with frilly rhymes

Poetry is sexy
Both singular and plural

Poetry is sexy
Every exclamatory swirl

Poetry is sexy
Grammatically raw

Poetry is sexy
Even typos and all

Poetry is sexy
Consummated publicly

Poetry is sexy
When performed properly

Poetry is sexy
Irrespective of its font

Poetry is sexy
Fashioned any way you want

Linda Ori 14 April 2007

And poetry is sexy when written by a sexy man! Great little number here, Brian. Love your perspective! Linda :) xx

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Patti Masterman 27 April 2007

So it follows, then, that poetry about poetry is the ultimate aphrodisiac! Liked this one a lot...: -) I just love the kinky ending! 'Poetry is sexy Fashioned any way you want '

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Brilliant! It's got your mark all over it. I heartily agree with every line. Ez

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Sandra Fowler 21 April 2007

How original! And what fun too. Great write, Brian. I love it. Warm regards, Sandra

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Esther Leclerc 11 April 2007

This covers all the bases, Brian! Poetry IS sexy in all the ways enumerated and more, perfectly summed-up in your final line. So, get your sexy on, people! A fun, thoughtful write... Est : ]

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Susan Williams 09 September 2020

Well done! ! ! I liked mist if the couplets but this one caught my eye: " Poetry is sexy It radiates with verb"

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Mahtab Bangalee 18 February 2020

Poetry is sexy Fashioned any way you want // expressed all through amazing way; like this piece

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Adeeb Alfateh 25 July 2019

o poetry full form of poetry here delineated beautifully great 10++++++++++

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Albert Wong 01 September 2008

Please don't just use Poetry in sexy, it relates too many things unlimited! For sexy fashion used on dating or in love....

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Chuck Audette 06 September 2007

Hey Brian, since you've written this, nothing new has come forth. Are you too busy with groupies who liked your sexy poetry? Fun write! -chuck

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