Room Hope For My Beloved Poem by adheez van der beanthz

Room Hope For My Beloved

Rating: 4.6

Longing wings, gone and passed
Weak flapping, will go to pile the sense?
In an obstacles range, will not be lost
Although not one promise, keep eternal - definitely

Turmoil sense often sprawled
Kept moving, go through, no time to be doubt
Like fireflies in the darkness night
Splash the light, albeit dimly - certainly

Realities faint-sigh resignedly
Face's shadow pull over the logic of me
The spaces of hope, the nuances of sense
Flood spilled, filled the soul - oh, is this love?

Like the rainbow, you had been chosen
Morning's silhouette, iridescent
No regrets, despite not being
Because loving you is greatest gift - my beloved lady


Halsho Zangana 11 August 2013

Beautiful rhymes, love is the greatest gifts, not all can fell and see that, only artists can grow!

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Hazel Durham 11 August 2013

With beautiful imagery that conveys your deep love so wonderfully expressed! !

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Patricia Grantham 11 August 2013

A love so deep and true it lights up the night like fire flies. Yes love is the greatest gift of all for without it we would probably perish. Love is truly like the color of rainbow. It shines in and through our hearts. A very enlightening write.

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Heather Wilkins 11 August 2013

a beautiful love poem. the last stanza is a perfect ending to your love poem. 10

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Valsa George 11 August 2013

Nothing matters when one is deeply in love! That's why it is often said 'love is blind'! A very passionate write! ! Enjoyed! !

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Heather Wilkins 26 August 2013

beautiful love poem so nicely presented

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Lauren C 14 August 2013

This was beautiful. I hope you keep writing

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Poetheart Morgan 14 August 2013

I think love must be described in that way, simple, sincere and strong. Very good, your Lady must be happy poet! !

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Yasmin Khan 14 August 2013

Love kindles the imagination and such beautiful lines are created. Fireflies in the dark and morning silhouettes are beautiful images.

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Shereen Ramadan 14 August 2013

nice images: D keep it up

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