Sand In My Toes Poem by Beach Girl

Sand In My Toes

Rating: 3.4

Sand in my toes
Scorched burning feet
Ran to the water
Got outta the heat

White frothy waves
Crashed over my head
Began to feel naughty
Bandeau was soon shed

Fled to my beach towel
Was freezing to death
The cold blue Pacific
Does fill one with zest

Gleb Zavlanov 14 August 2013

This is a very nice poem.It is very melodious and flows freely. I also liked the idea. Thanks for the write. Also, I invite you to read and comment.

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Bri Edwards 04 September 2013

thanks for the rhyming. thanks for sharing. i saw you, i think: She searched for her beach towel, her bandeau loose in her hand. With binoculars well-focused, I missed her toes coated with sand. :)

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Nika Mcguin 14 February 2014

This is wonderful, it conveys the experience of being on the beach with both the highs and the lows. I haven't been to a beach in ages (we don't have much of that where I live) so this was like a vacation for me. ^^

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Heather Wilkins 30 July 2013

a good beach poem nice to have the sand between your toes 85433

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R.j. Wynn 09 August 2013

Sweet. I love it too.

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Kim Barney 31 January 2016

Love it. It's been a while since I was at the beach. This made me feel like I was there. Thanks.

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Shahin Latif 30 November 2015

Excellent melodious poem. I read this poem more & more. I enjoyed it. Great ink! Thank you so much dearest poet Beach Girl. May ALLAH bless you. Be well always.

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Adeline Foster 02 September 2015

‘Tis true, ’ tis true, the pacific is cold. This does locate you, so now we know where that beach is. Read mine - Mother Dear - Adeline

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a delectable kind of piece and pleasant lines

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Chuy Amante 08 March 2014

I have no fear of shark attack, what I hate about the beach, is sand in my crack! Love your fast wit in beautiful brevity

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