Secrets Poem by Dee Daffodil


Rating: 5.0

As I entered the room
I felt guilt
Like you wouldn't believe...
Not just a little twinge
But full fledged...
'Oh crap...I'm in trouble! '
Kind of guilt

He looked at me
And his eyes bore into my soul
Could he really tell
Or was I just imagining it?
Any second now
I was certain
He was going to ask me...
'Have you been with someone else? '

What would I do?
What could I do?
It's not in my nature to lie...
But he looked at me
With those puppy dog eyes
And I just couldn't
Hurt him

How could I tell him
That someone else
Had fulfilled my wish...
Had done what he couldn't...
Had made me feel brand new again...
Had brought a smile to my face...

How do you hide secrets...
From your hairdresser?

Dee Daffodil (HW) 27 February,2007

David Taylor 27 February 2007

Dear Dee, you had me worried there, you certainly built up suspense and gripped me with inqisitiveness that makes me feel almost guilty to admit! Well written is my verdict!

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Danny Reynolds 27 February 2007

The ickle fickle finger of fate Will pay you back for sure Your crowning glory May now look rather Whory Thou must not upset thy coiffeur!

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Original Unknown Girl 27 February 2007

Dee, I love this one, it is very clever! ! I too have a hairdresser who I worship and wouldn't dare to offend..... you really had us on the hoof there though! Great writing! HG: -) xx

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Geoff Warden 27 February 2007

And here I was about to turn you over and give you a good talking to about how the moral fiber factor.........................and ya go an' mention the hairdresser, Geuss that makes a big diff, , , , now all I has ta say is Great write Lady.........

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Ted Sheridan 27 February 2007

I love your poem. I have had the same woman cutting my hair for over thirty years. My wife thinks she is in love with me.....otherwise why would I trust her with those shears.

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Nothern Cross 24 June 2009

This made me smile at the end, i was reading along thinking lovely another great and original poem of romance unbeknown to the inevitable suprize that awaited :) cool write.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 16 March 2008

the secret when unveiled the code when deciphered love seems to blaze by the flames of desire yet the passion overwhelmes in its room..................dazzling piece, i like it,10/10, thanks for sharing

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Barry Van Allen 07 March 2007

Dee, Brittany Spears seems to have found the answer!

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Not a member No 4 28 February 2007

Clever, funny, but also an interesting insight into human nature! Very well written to boot! ! Excellent stuff Dee. jim xx

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Alison Cassidy 28 February 2007

Dee this is one of those pieces that intrigue (like an Agatha Christie story) . Beautifully lead in and such a clever twist. And what a profound statement about the ego of the male hairdresser. Darling... How could you? love it. Allie xxxx

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