One Day Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

One Day

Rating: 4.5

One day i'll
Take off this mask,
And smile a genuine smile.
I'll look at the watch
And say, its ever changing times.
I'll stop worrying about
The next day, and
Just look at the future.

This burden on my shoulders
Will be lifted.
My eyes will see through
Hardships and tears.

Just one day,
My people will be
Together as one.

Pheko Motaung 20 January 2012

Yeah.No need to be gloomy.Much to look forward to.Let's not be cynical.Show the world and the Afro pessimists we're a people for the future.Inspiring poem.Well done.

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Hans Vr 23 January 2012

Keep believing in this giant truth expressed in this wonderful poem. Very well written. We can all learn a lot from people like Ghandi and M. Luther King Jr. Non-violence is definitely THE way.

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Zibele Mrasi 27 January 2012

Respect this one much love simple

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Sajna Kailas 27 January 2012

wow, nice it is Siya.yeah one day, it happen, hope for the best! ! ! !

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Young Church Poetry 21 January 2012

hahahahahaha, yah one day is one day. Love this one too..........

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 13 June 2013

When you say: some day it will never come, but if you say God will show me the way what to do clearly and you go on life, in your life patiently, then you will loose the rulership, what you want. One man can do something is he wants to be a martyr, but never change nation's life. Life is going as it should, only mankind wants to tell God what to do. That do not go.

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Ekaterina M. Polischuk 18 March 2012

everybody wears mask, but it is an awful task, put off your tears mask down, you are a man, not fear clown)))) good poem

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Pheko Motaung 03 February 2012

Excellent! You're a master with words! Looking forward to reading new poems by you.Keep the flag flying.Ahoy! !

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Unwritten Soul 31 January 2012

You have brush and you can draw anything what you desired...your future is white canvas...and your experience just a full of great colors, mix them to create nice one as you want...drawing your country as you will came true, just keep your brush painting! _Unwritten Soul

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Marvin Brato 30 January 2012

Sentimental write, should it be mask instead of musk? Well-penned.

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