Six Point Seven Poem by Lee Crowell

Six Point Seven

Rating: 4.8

six point seven billion illusionists
today on this globe
seeking consensus
of the senses

declaring the colors reflected
by the eye
to the brain
are actually on the canvas
and the illusion of art continues

sifting vibrations through ear canals
mimicking back out the nice ones
to deliver a wondrous sound
and the illusion of music resonates

labeling objects
by creating words
creating categories
by building language
and the illusion of literature swirls in the air
while the illusion of science
arranges the pieces on the ground

six point seven,
no major train wreck in sight
such is the consensus of the illusory senses tonight

Martine Kolber 09 March 2009

Truly like this one! Thanks for sharing! Take care, Martine

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C.R. Clark 09 March 2009

I do like this poem, Lee. It may be a bit 'deep' for me to grasp completely. I agree that art or music is an illusion, at least to the point that it is understood by the viewer or listener. What is art to one is just a smattering of paint on canvas, to another. Most music that my grandkids listen to today doesn't sound like music at all to me, just loud, irritating noise, but they think it's wonderful. So, who is right? Very thought provoking write my friend. Best wishes Richard

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Linda Winchell 09 March 2009

I understand what you are saying, but, Six Point Seven? ' Can't grasp that one. But you go with your bad self and write what you feel. You got twenty hits, so I guess someone liked it!

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Saxyn Schaffer 09 March 2009

i get this poem my friend. it makes total sence. xxsaxynxx 10+

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Darkness J 09 March 2009

I found it a little bit philosophic, I could barly grasp it honestly.

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William Jackson 02 May 2009

6.7 billion illusionists all projecting the illusion that all is well as we stripmine the earth to feed our thirst for more of the same immediate gratification and turn the oceans into our toilet. Your poem is quite profound; it will require more than one reading to grasp its meaning. It did prompt me to contemplate that as a species man has been a bit too successful to the detriment of everything, I realize that my thoughts above are not the meaning of your poem, but good poems always stimulate the mind to think and spin off in new directions. Of course, I do believe the absolute meaning of a poem, or prose text for that matter, is important. It does matter. Thus far, I have leaped with the thoughts your poem inspired by setting my mind in motion. I will be adding your poem to my favorites to contemplate further in order to strictly analyze the text rather than continue to bring my meaning to the poem. Thanks. Fine write.

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Sebastine Humaemo 31 March 2009

plsnt write.............beautiful, words dancing n merry........10+++ sebastine

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Egi David Perdana 28 March 2009

wonder! ! ! beautiful poem love it

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Ted Sheridan 23 March 2009

Again, another one I really enjoyed.

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Sadiqullah Khan 13 March 2009

This is a strange faculty of mind with human beings, very strange.10

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