So Many Dreams Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

So Many Dreams

Rating: 4.1

Once I was standing near the road
Watching the ones who passed by.
Thinking one day when i'll go Abroad
And i'll talk to the foreinergs like hi and bye!

Once i was sitting in my class
When teacher was giving a boring lecture,
I was peeping and peeping outside the glass.
Watching above a bird was flying
Thinking will i'll reach that height?

Once i was sitting in the park
Watching the bees working so hard.
Will i'll be able to do like that?
Will i'll be so helpful for men?

Once i was sitting in my chair
So confused as what to wear?
Then my Father told me about
So high some people reached but how?
Because they weren't afraid of the other ones
What they think what they murmurs!
Rise and rise till you reach the sky
But step carefully because its very much high!

You have to reach there
Where no one can step,
I'll also help others
I'll do my best.
I'll work very hard by night and day
As no one had reached the top in a day.
As an ant working so hard
Storing the food for winters under grass.
I'll not hear anybody what they say
No matter how many thorns i'll get in my way.

There are so many dreams which i have to complete
I don't mind if anybody compete.
There are so many dreams which i had to complete
Before going to bed for my last sleep.
There are so many dreams which i had to complete.
There are so many dreams which i had to complete.

Akanksha Bhatt 27 August 2012

hey its my first poem so there maybe some mistakes for which i m sorry! but plz comment howz it! !

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Indranil Bhaduri 06 September 2012

So nicely penned! ! .. keep on writing. Need more from you.

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Full Moon 19 September 2012

interesting read. poet's enthusiasm spilled all over the page.

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Stevie Taite 29 September 2012

I loved every line! Thus is a wonderful write Akankasha! I so thoroughly enjoyed it. You will fly high I am convinced!

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Valerie Dohren 30 September 2012

Good luck with your dreams Akanksha - good write.

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Biplab Singha 30 March 2014

Very naughty and encoureging. I like the expression of the last two lines. Keep on!

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Roseann Shawiak 17 March 2014

Great poem! Reminded me of way back when I was in school, I too would be bored and looking out the window, dreaming of so many things and watching nature play. Keep your sights set on what it is in life that you want and it will come to you as you walk towards it. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Anoop Nair 16 August 2013

Great work. Congrats. Dreams with passion can be transmuted to material things so whatever you mentioned above is possible.You do need anyone's advice to write because you are already blessed than most of the so called 'poets' here

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Vijay Sai R 13 January 2013

a beautifully crafted poem...well done

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Sandy Player 04 January 2013

This poem has such a vivacious character. The belief is inspiring too.

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