Spring Again Poem by Susan Lacovara

Spring Again

Rating: 5.0

I thought I'd pick you daffodils
On this stunning yellow day
With fresh bouquet
Climb up your hill
Would you come out to play?
Seems the world is bursting
At it's seams
With daffodils in fields of green
And all the love we have between
Two friends....
It's Spring again

I thought I'd sing a merry tune
And you could hum along
I might forget a word or two
But still know your favorite song
The sparrows to accompany
Our pitch perfect two part harmony
A simple symphonic blend
Two friends...
It's Spring again

And I'm warmed by the Sunday smile
You wear for only me
Caressed by the gentle breeze
Blown in your company
Daylight dips to sunset dreams
As if in Norman Rockwell scene as
Tomorrow's troubles on the mend
Two friends...
It's Spring again

(04/27/14) Can't wait to share this season with the ones I love, refreshed.
Persian Khushi 27 April 2014

A beautiful write ma'am

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Colleen Courtney 27 April 2014

Another great write by Susan! This brings to mind times I've spend with one of my best friends whose name is also Susan! Couldn't wait to take rides with the windows down and sing and sing and sing! Lol. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

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Juan Olivarez 28 April 2014

Beautiful poetry. Such wonderful rhymes. I love the Spring and the joy it brings.

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Unwritten Soul 28 April 2014

Is that sparrow who dance on the grass or is it flower who spray the scent in the wind...but sure i know spring is here when your words color the paper. Nice work Susan_Soul

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Mihaela Pirjol 29 April 2014

A lovely poem with nice rhythm and rhyme.

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Daniel Brick 13 June 2014

Your refrain of TWO FRIENDS. IT'S SPRING AGAIN. is exactly right! It states the very heart of the poem with almost unobtrusive insistence. The colors are wonderful especially in the first stanza the YELLOW DAY which stayed with me for the whole poem as well it should, because as Robert Frost reminded us, NATURE'S FIRST GREEN IS YELLOW (!) . The way you incorporate human emotions is deft, this is all stemming from the positive energy of the season, so it seems as natural - and inevitable - as the eventual arrival of spring. What a lovely poem! ! (I am working on a Spring Poem, I am determined to make one, my imagination knows I MEAN it!)

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Chuy Amante 01 May 2014

I gotta ask, did you really mean fiend in the last verse? It caught me off guard! Great either way! ! !

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Susan Wall 01 May 2014

THAT poem is so peaceful, your poem is beauitful thank you for sharing on Poem Hunter.Susan Wall

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 01 May 2014

saying beautiful would be inadequate for this amazing write.

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Persian Khushi 29 April 2014

a lovely positive spring feeling! thank you for comment on Contrasting Realities

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