Street Children Poem by Sathya Narayana

Street Children

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Who are those kids half nude and unclean!
To whom were they born? How and when?
From which pitiless wombs they did stumble out
Into this lovelorn human desert! ? By what fate?

By which mean male creatures' lechery
By which gullible women's' vulnerability
They're made to stray in these crowded streets
All alone like starving dogs scrambling for spit outs

Their tender hands meant to hold books and pens
Are stretched out feebly at crossroads, seeking alms
Their eyes meant for reading pictorial rhymes
Are searching in vain for good Samaritans

They don't seem to me just crawling infants harmless
On the bosom of Bharath, sans sense and stratagems
If you can see keenly, behind their eyes glassy
There are towering infernos of ever growing fury

Before their rising wrath starts seeking reprisal
Turning them into brats revolting and cruel
Let us tame them in our laps with the love of parenthood
After all, they are all of our own blood, Indian blood

Surya . 29 July 2009

you have touched tenderly a theme of the day.nice of you. voted10 surya

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Surya . 29 July 2009

you have touched tenderly a theme of the day.nice of you. voted10 surya

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Ency Bearis 29 July 2009

a moving poem you fully pictured here with words, and I can see how they live in the street with much of it in the third world country, and you have to pity those kids......well penned.....10

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Rajaram Ramachandran 29 July 2009

The poem brings out the horrible plight of street children, as a result of the social malady.

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Bob Blackwell 29 July 2009

Sathya, yes we all are responsible for children such as these. It is sad to see the waste, children like these could give so much, if only they had the chance. Well said and well written, thank you broadcasting such a message. Regards Bob

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Julius Luke Victorio 30 August 2009

I'll tell you this... if we keep striving to bring peace, love, and happiness to our world... purely and surely we shall be free... the Lord is coming soon to take that all away and one day I pray that all will go His way until the day that I say praise be to the one and only and in His presence, the humble and meek will stay

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Queeny Gona 03 August 2009

one more facts of life, definitly let us tame them in our laps atleast: For, we are humans. wonderful piece

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Sandra Fowler 31 July 2009

A powerful indictment of all those who see the plight of street children and pass by on the other side. Your last lines are especially touching.10/10. Warm regards, Sandra

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Kesav Easwaran 30 July 2009

a good poem that speaks out well on love compassion and nationalism...nicely composed...10

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Alf Hutchison 30 July 2009

Africa too has its street children... AIDS orphans... soo sad Alf

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

Nellore, Andhra Pradesh
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