Be A Dream Poem by ahmed khaled

Be A Dream

Rating: 4.9

tell the wave...
not to burn
tell the fire...
not to wet
and tell the flower...
/// be a dream ///

Jonathan Westler 04 January 2012

I think this is a really good poem. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the word wet here, but as it is your intellectual property, I will not tell you to change it. I definitely like it, though!

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Michael Stevens 04 January 2012

i like it, its deep in a way. tells one to be true to himself. at least that is what i see in it.

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Grant Lovell 04 January 2012

Indeed, some talent there. Very good.

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Smoky Hoss 03 January 2012

Yes. I like this, each should be true to their own nature; and beauty (the flower) is ofcourse the most magnificent and mystical. Very good.

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Areeba Sohail 03 January 2012

This poem is just too short! Isn’t it? ? ? ? but it carries too many meanings nice!

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Soul Watcher 13 November 2014

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Okoye Charles Chukwudi 15 February 2012

nice poem.......short and deep....very deep....keep it up check out my poem 2b or not 2b.....thanks for sharing

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Emily Gasperak 08 January 2012

Your poem is very nicely written! Great job! !

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Bella Hernandez 04 January 2012

beautiful and short 'n elegant many meaning one that i can see is to be yourself! and all of the things to do is to Dream! ! ! ~Bella

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Shadrach Knight 04 January 2012

Thanks for showing me this, It was wonderful.

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