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Summer - Poem by Christian Lacdael

The days were beautifully serene, and those that lived them were carefree. Warmed by sights that were to be seen, as nature's greatness was set free. One to which the sights did appeal, quite soon found herself filled with glee. Due to how the sun made her feel, and flaunt what she once did conceal. The girl wished to be the sun's bride, as for him she was urged to pine. The sun made her feel good inside, for in his presence she would shine. All that the sun managed to light, showed the world that the girl was fine. She made for an entrancing sight, as a love she sought to ignite.

To try to make the sun her prince, the girl acted at every chance. A love was lost and he's not loved since, so he ignored every advance. Hearts are broken with reluctance, and around the matter we'll dance, so to avoid any grievance, that might come as a consequence. The young girl didn't give up hope, and made her perseverance known. With failure the girl could not cope, for towards it she was not prone. The girl put her beauty on show, adamant not to be alone, hopeful she could make love grow, and thus avoid feeling sorrow.

The girl managed to have her way, she claimed the sun as her new flame, but with him she was not to stay, owing to how hot things became. The girl found herself under strain, since the sun's verve was hard to tame. She did try her best to explain, yet still caused the sun much pain. The sun tried winning the girl once more, for he knew chances of love are rare. He found that fact hard to ignore, which sadly drove him to despair. A loveless life was the sun's fear, as he thought it'd be hard to bear. The sun quite nearly cried a tear, for he felt his fate was clear.

The sun could not but lose his cool, when he saw those under love's spell. He'd be envious as a rule, and would burn like the flames in hell. The sun hated all that he did feel. These such emotions are hard to quell. He found they were hard to conceal, since his broken heart would not heal. Due to the sun's queer state of mind, events occurred that were unplanned. Counter to how he was inclined, the sun acted to scorch the land. There was suffering far and wide, as the heat was hard to withstand. All the streams and pools in time dried, while plants withered up and then died.

The sun was cooled down just in time, his love returned and used her charm. She felt what he'd done was a crime, and wanted to prevent more harm. The sun's ex-love got through to him, and managed to get him to calm, by singing a soothing poem, which staved off a fate that was grim. The girl had knowledge to impart, which made the sun be less distraught. She said time would heal his heart, and he would find the one he sought. The sun was told that he should wait, all was not hopeless as he thought. For if he had faith in his fate, he would get to find his soul mate.

The girl's advice was taken on, because it gave hope to the sun, and on account of which he shone, seeking to light that prized someone. With the sun tame as he'd once been, the damage he'd caused was undone. Across the land a change was seen, as again all became serene. There's no telling when love can strike, and though it may lead to heartache, the knowledge of what it feels like, means no love can be a mistake. Even if things may appear bleak, there's always steps one can take, so to claim the love they seek, with no regret of which to speak.

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