Tears Of Joy Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Tears Of Joy

Rating: 5.0

I love it when I see you smile, its like a rainbow in the sky, you bring me so much joy, that at times I go overboard, to see what your love have to bring, I say a four letter word LOVE, you show me a ring, you are a true friend indeed, together we will make a good team, as we take that walk to the altar, I say I do, Tears come down my eyes, because I knew it would be you

Cosmic Dreamer 04 March 2012

Wonderful... There is no sight greater than true love...

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Judith Alekadala 26 February 2012

wow this is another style, great

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Hans Vr 25 February 2012

Great love poem, LaRon. Just in my previous comment I wrote about turning a smile on somebody; s face. Go on creating your little bit of heaven here on earth and it may well last into eternity. Very good poem

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Manonton Dalan 24 February 2012

it's great full of passion 10 for you

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Victor Roy 14 February 2012

nice 1... :) it was COLLECTION OF SOME LOVELY WORDS to show your thoughts

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